Hunter Biden Launching an “Art Selling Scheme”

On Friday, the White House defended Hunter Biden’s artwork deal, which was sold as high as $500,000 to “anonymous buyers.”

White House press secretary said in a press briefing on Friday that a “system” was organized to allow the troubled son of the president to work in his “profession” with reasonable protection. 

Former ethics chief alarmed by Hunter Biden’s newfound art selling scheme

Psaki then defended Hunter’s “artistic career” by saying Hunter has the right to pursue his artistic career, the same as any child of the president who has the right to pursue a career.

Hunter Biden, 51, started on a new career as an artist and will be selling his work at an upcoming exhibit in Los Angeles and New York.

However, in order to avoid the impression of outsiders trying to trade influence with the first family, the White House created an agreement to keep the names of the buyers “confidential” from Hunter Biden himself. 

The art deal raised series of red flags by ethics officers. 

Walter Shaub, the former ethics chief of former President Obama, slammed the White House in a tweet. Shaub stated that the Biden administration is instead trying to ensure that “we will never know” who are the buyers of the artworks. 

Shaub also added that rather than disclosing who is paying excessive sums for Hunter Biden’s art (so we could see whether the buyer gained access to the government), the White House created a system to make sure that the people will never know who are the buyers. He said that this move is “very disappointing.”

WH defended Hunter Biden’s newfound “artistic career”

However, Psaki insisted during a press briefing that the sales of Hunter Biden’s artwork will be conducted by professionals whom she said have the highest industry standard. She added that the anonymous nature of the transaction is intended to protect it against “any improprieties.”

The press secretary also added that it will be “challenging” for Hunter Biden and for the anonymous person (who they do not know) to have influence. 

Hunter Biden’s foreign business deals and the scandalous content of his laptop was already put aside once his father stood in office as the president of the United States.

Georges Berges, Hunter Biden’s art dealer plans to host the private viewing of Biden’s artwork in Los Angeles. This will be followed by an art exhibition in New York. The prices of his work ranges from $75,000 to $500,000. 

On the other hand, Hunter Biden described his new found artistry as “getting to the truth.” He said that he does not paint from his emotions or feelings, which are both ephemeral.

Hunter added that painting for him is more about trying to bring forth the “universal truth.”