Hunter Biden’s Laptop Repairman Shows His Trump Card

John Paul Mac Issac, the unsung hero of Hunter Biden’s laptop saga, has launched a defamation lawsuit against liberal lawmakers and media outlets.

Issac was the repairman of Hunter’s laptop in Delaware who leaked all the controversial information regarding the first son.

Repairman Sues Liberals for Defamation

According to Issac, he fought to reveal the truth. Now, he wants to let all Americans know the media is trying to undermine a story that can be critical for the country.

These defamation lawsuits are filed against House Intelligence Committee chair Adam Schiff, Politico, CNN, and The Daily Beast.

As liberal media outlets called the content of leaked emails Russian disinformation, the owner of the shop, Issac, saw his life turned upside down after these claims.

He suggested he ended up “running and hiding” once he saw liberal channels accusing him of supporting Russian misinformation campaigns. After that, Issac tried to “rebuild” his life to change all the public perceptions against him.

Reportedly, the business owner suffered huge financial and reputation setbacks after revealing the news.

According to him, many significant stakeholders in the intelligence community, DOJ, and FBI colluded against him for releasing Hunter’s wrongdoings.

Issac noted that Hunter dropped off the laptop in his shop in Delaware, but never returned to claim the device again, which gave him access to the sensitive material.

When no one came to receive the laptop, he gave a copy of the hard drive to the FBI in 2019 and Trump’s head of the legal team, Rudy Giuliani.

Giuliani provided one of the copies to the New York Post, which broke the news.

However, both Twitter and Facebook undermined the Post’s article, calling it a plethora of Russian misinformation and lies.

Biden himself called the story a part of a bigger smear campaign against him; yet, liberal media outlets ended up publishing the same story a year later.

Hunter Biden already acknowledged that the laptop belonged to him.

Issac Wants Americans to Know the Reality of Hunter Biden’s Laptop

Issac told the New York Post that just a day after his name was made public, he started receiving death threats and hate emails, which labeled him a hacker and a criminal.

He also lambasted Democratic lawmaker Adam Schiff, noting he shared fake news with liberal media channels just to help his favorite candidate win the 2020 presidential elections.

Schiff gave an interview to CNN in which he claimed the story was made-up to satisfy Russia and hurt the candidacy of Biden. Issac is suing him for that interview.

Thus, according to Issac, his priority is to let Americans know the truth; he is less worried about his own reputation.

The lawsuit against CNN noted the media channel accused the plaintiff of colluding with Russia to commit a crime against the United States.