HYPOCRISY: Biden Wants Everyone to Go Green, Except Himself

President Biden’s hypocrisy was exposed, as he was seen traveling in an 85-car long motorcade in Rome just before schooling world leaders about carbon emissions.

Biden is habitual in shouting about the deteriorating climate. He is taxing everyone heavily to “heal, but still traveling himself in a long motorcade emitting greenhouse gases.

Biden traveled in an 85-car long motorcade to preach climate change

The world leaders are gathering in Glasgow for the United Nation’s COP 26 summit that’s considered the largest climate meeting since 2015. All of these leaders are seeing the solutions for the survival of the world by finding ways to curb carbon emissions.

Just before the summit that would be attended by almost 200 countries, Biden’s long motorcade made enough carbon emissions to easily expose his hypocrisy regarding climate change.

Commenting on the situation, Lisa Boothe, a Fox News contributor, said climate change is a “limousine liberal issue,” accusing Democrats of being a party of coastal elites.

She also scolded the radical, far-left, pro-climate Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for parking her “$59,000” Tesla car illegally outside the Whole Foods store. Similarly, Boothe also criticized U.S. climate envoy John Kerry, who lobbies for climate change legislation, but still flies in his private jet.


Exposing Democrats’ hypocrisy, Boothe said Democrats do not care about any sort of emissions, including natural gas and nuclear power. They only care about their self-interest, even if it comes at the expense of the environment.

After seeing such a long motorcade of Biden, another Fox News contributor, Sean Duffy, said this is an extreme level of hypocrisy. He further added all Democrats lambasted the big oil firms as destroying the climate.

Still, these people fly on airplanes, drive-in long motorcades, and heat their homes with the oil of the same companies.

Democrats trying hard to rob people in the name of “climate change”

Biden is in full flow to curb the growth of energy companies back home; he is a vibrant advocate of the green deal that will strangle the oil and gas companies.

Not only this, but Biden’s approach to include a significant chunk of his climate agenda in the social spending bill also depicts his will to change the way the U.S. economy works.

The negotiated social spending bill includes almost $555 billion in anti-pollution and green spending programs that will overhaul some of the major economic sectors of the U.S.

However, Biden’s actions are far from his verbal approach, as he refused to defy such a long motorcade that emitted too much carbon.


The president often says fossil fuels are worsening the climate crisis in the world; yet, he traveled in a long motorcade dominated by gasoline-engined limousines. 

This hypocrisy will peak when Biden starts lobbying for passing his climate change agenda after coming back to the United States.