Ilhan Omar Called as “Modern Day Muslim Supremacist”

The latest comments made by Ilhan Omar about Israel and Jewish members of Congress sparked new criticism; the Democrat representative showed no regrets for likening Israel to Hamas and Taliban. 

In an interview with CNN on Tuesday, Omar stated that she has no regrets about posting her tweet earlier this month comparing Israel, Hamas, United States, and the Taliban. 

During this interview, the Democrat representative was asked if she has any idea why her fellow Democrats, particularly Jewish members of Congress, find her previous comments about Israel to be anti-Semitic. 

Omar then made a bold accusation; she claimed that these members are not “partners in justice” and claimed that she knows what injustice feels like in ways that most of her colleagues don’t. 

The remarks made by Omar created an immediate outrage on social media

Avi Mayer of the American Jewish Committee stated that the comments made by the Democrat representative contain classic antisemitic themes about Jews and foster the idea that Jews only protect themselves. Mayer continued, saying that these comments are also “plainly false.”

Then, journalist Annika Rothstein posted a question, sarcastically mocking Omar. She added that Omar has shown the world who and what she is.

However, the condemnation against Omar was not solely from Jews. Asra Nomani, a cofounder of the Muslim Reform Movement, gave a sharp and harsh criticism of Omar. 

Nomani posted a tweet saying that Omar is an example of a “modern-day Muslim supremacist.”

The co-founder of the Muslim Reform Movement also added that Omar rebukes her Jewish Democrat colleagues for their failure to be her “partners in injustice”.

Morton Klein, president of Zionist Organization of America named Omar as an “ignorant antisemite”. He also called Democrats to condemn Omar and remove her membership from every committee. 

Republican Jewish Coalition called their Democrat counterparts to join them against Omar

The Republican Jewish Coalition, on the other hand, called their Democrat Jewish counterparts to join them in calling out Omar. 

Attorney of former President Trump, Jay Sekulow, also shared the same sentiments. Sekulow stated that Omar is past due to be removed from committees. He also called the Democrat representative a “repeat offender” for her “antisemitic rhetoric.”

Seth Mandel from the Washington Examiner Magazine also mentioned that is a mere matter of time before Omar alienates herself completely. He added that everyone has their boundaries and if Omar stays in Congress long enough, she will more likely cross everyone’s line.

Ari Fleischer, Fox News contributor, also blasted Omar on Monday for her latest remarks, calling her a “menace.” 

Fleisher said that Omar likened the U.S. and Israel with the worst terrorist in the world, adding that Omar is a “reckless” member of Congress with “awful” judgment.