Immigration Advocates Extremely Disappointed in Biden

Biden and his administration are being criticized by dozens of immigration organizations. These organizations are stating that Biden’s migrant policies, like border patrol agents arresting immigrants at the border and sending them back to Mexico, are cruel.

Immigration organizations are extremely disappointed in the Biden administration

More than 100 migration advocates sent a letter to Biden last week, criticizing the Biden administration and the White House for the current migration policies.

According to the letter, migrant families that arrive at the border get arrested and are expelled back to Mexico. The group also noted that the Biden administration committed to a humanitarian, managed, and safe migration system. Instead, however, they are pursuing cruel, illegal, and feckless policies. 

The immigration advocates also emphasized how the Biden administration pledged to dismantle the previous policies that the former administration imposed, yet immigrants still face the same fate. 

The advocates are also greatly concerned about the new policy the Department of Homeland Security plans to impose. The DHS plans to have 24 expulsion flights monthly, sending adults and families back to Mexico. 

According to the letter, the Biden administration sent back hundreds of migrants. However, they also added that migrants who were expelled were not given protection, as authorities in Mexico were forced to look for them in isolated areas in Guatemala. 

The immigration advocates also asked Biden to stop the Title 42 policy enforced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; this policy bars asylum seekers from going to the country during the pandemic. 

In the letter, the group also wrote that the expulsion of migrants the Biden administration is exercising is a mockery not only of human rights, but of public health. They also claimed that Biden and his people are deliberately and systematically expelling people, which violates the United States’ nonrefoulment international responsibility.

212,672 border crossings were recorded in July – the highest number in 21 years

Last week, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas announced that a new policy would be imposed. The new policy will make it harder for immigrants who were previously removed under Title 42 to come back to the U.S. border. 

In July, the Customs and Border Patrol recorded a record high number of 212,672 border crossings. This number is the highest recorded in the past 21 years. The CBP also added that there are more than 1.1 million migrant crossing attempts that have been recorded this year. 

Mayorkas was also caught in a recording talking to border agents, stating that the situation at the border should not continue.

He also added the U.S. border is America’s first line of defense and the circumstances happening right now are not sustainable.

Mayorkas then noted that it should not persist, as the field agents cannot accommodate the overwhelming numbers, and the U.S. system is not created to handle this.