Inter-America Cold War May Start Soon

GOP Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, stated a “Cold War” could start between his state and Georgia if Stacey Abrams becomes the governor of Georgia.

Cold War is Likely to Start Within America

Speaking at a press event, DeSantis noted he “wants to be honest” that a new Cold War is imminent between Georgia and Florida, in case Abrams wins her election.

He further added he could not afford to have Castro’s regime of Cuba in the South and Abrams’ one in the North.

Thus, he advised people to “take care” of that to keep things smooth. DeSantis is possibly aiming for the presidential nomination of the Republican party in the 2024 election.

Even with the likely presence of former President Trump, DeSantis has a high reputation among Republicans to win the top seat for the next presidential elections.

This is prompting him to take conservative stances on many political issues like cultural wars, in which he recently signed a bill regarding teachings of LGBTQ+ issues. 

These sorts of policies have already started a Cold War between DeSantis and many other states.

Currently, Los Angeles County of California has banned business travel to Florida, due to this policy of DeSantis on LGBTQ+.

Likewise, these moves have also brought DeSantis to a crossroads with Disney, a gigantic employer and a mega economic engine in his state of Florida. 

However, the governor has turned down every sort of political pressure, noting he does not care what the media and far-left activists have to say about him.

Similarly, he stated he is standing strong and will not back off, even though big companies are against his political decisions.

Abrams’ Policies Would Make Her Tenure Controversial

The announcement of Abrams to run for the gubernatorial seat of Georgia later this year made many conservative stakeholders worried.

“Atlanta – Downtown: Georgia State Capito” (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by wallyg

She already ran for governor back in 2018, but lost to GOP nominee Brian Kemp. Now, Democrats are relying on her to flip the state as she has experience being a former state representative.

Reportedly, Abrams is counting on black voters of Georgia, just like Senator Raphael Warnock of the same state, who also capitalized on racial politics during his Senate election last year.

This strategy helped Democrats win two important Senate seats in run-off elections in Georgia, which enabled them to clinch the Senate for the first two years of Joe Biden’s term.

As Abrams is running unopposed in the Democrat Party for the Georgia governorship, she is the guaranteed candidate for the party. Though the strong candidacy of Brian Kemp can give her a tough time in the November election.

According to the spokeswoman of DeSantis’ office, Abrams is likely to pursue heavy-handed policies of increasing taxes and more bureaucratic influence, which will make her tenure controversial. 

Neither Stacey Abrams nor her campaign responded to the requests for comment on DeSantis’ remarks.