Jen Psaki Answering Every Question With the Same Words

White House press secretary Jen Psaki beat around the bush.

She answered different questions in the same way when she was asked about the Russia-Ukraine crisis, voting rights, and January 6 incident.

Every Question Gets the Same Wording

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine started, reporters have been grilling the White House about every tiny development.

However, Psaki responds with the same answer every time, as she finds herself clueless more often than not.

This happened at least five times since the start of the war. Psaki’s only answer to every question is Russia’s economic allies will struggle to be in the good books of history and their official position is on the wrong side of history.

On Friday, a reporter asked Psaki why Biden did not tell his Chinese counterpart to condemn Russian aggression. She stated China could be worried about being judged in the history books.

According to the press secretary, China is behaving wrongly because it is concerned about the perspective of history books in the near future.

Just one day earlier, Psaki faced another question, which she answered the same way. When a reporter asked her about China’s relations with Russia, Psaki stated it is all about where a country “wants to be” when history books are written.

Likewise, on March 15, a reporter pressed Psaki about the White House’s views about India’s potential bid to get discounted crude oil from Russia. 

Responding to this, Psaki noted yet again that countries have a choice of where they want to stand when history books are written.

Psaki, Biden Relying on History Books Yet to Be Written

All of this started a day after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

On February 25, one day after the Russian invasion, Psaki stated “every country” has a choice to select the side of history they want to be on.

Just two days later, the secretary joined MSNBC host Jonathan Capehart to analyze Russia and China’s close bilateral relationship. She noted “every country” is privileged to choose which part of history they want to support.

However, this is not the first time Psaki answered every question with this wording. Her over-reliance on future history books has helped her get away from questions.

When she was analyzing the January 6 events on the first anniversary in 2022, Psaki mentioned Republicans have to decide what role they want to play in “history books.”

Similarly, she was grilled about voting legislation on January 13. On this issue, Psaki claimed Congress would have an opportunity to choose their side of history.

Just two days before that, Psaki established lawmakers have time to see where they stand in history.

However, the words seem to come from Biden’s mouth, not from Psaki’s. During his controversial Georgia speech, Biden noted every lawmaker would be judged in history books if they do not approve Democrats’ voting rights bills.