Jen Psaki’s Slip of Tongue Pushed Biden in Trouble

White House press secretary Jen Psaki acknowledged Putin has a pattern of invading Ukraine when Biden is in power.

She mentioned during the last time the Russian president invaded Ukraine in 2014, Joe Biden was the vice president of the United States.

Psaki Admitted Biden’s Failure 

Jen Psaki was on a telephone with CNN anchor John Berman on Wednesday. He asked her if Biden and his administration are feeling frustrated after seeing Russia advance in mainland Ukraine.

Responding to this, the press secretary claimed it is horrifying and upsetting to see Russian advancement.

This is where Psaki fumbled and claimed this is the “pattern of horror.” Russia invaded Ukraine when it saw Joe Biden in power; hence, seeing this Russian invasion is “disgusting,” Psaki continued.

Twitter users were quick to start mocking Psaki; according to them, she admitted the failure of her boss, Biden.

James Morrow, the daily Telegraph editor, noted acknowledging the existence of the problem is the first step in solving it.

A blogger named Jim Treacher tweeted he wants any liberal anchor to ask Psaki why Putin took a four-year break during the Trump administration.

Psaki’s admission is the reiteration of the Republicans’ narrative. Recently, Trump claimed the Russian invasion would not have happened if he were in office.

A comedian named Tim Young asserted this is the pattern of weakness American enemies are well aware of. Likewise, the former adviser to Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway, stated the truth has finally come out.

John Cooper, the communications director of conservative think tank Heritage Foundation, lambasted the messaging campaign of Psaki, stating it is a poor approach to remind people Russia invaded Ukraine twice under the leadership of her boss.

Biden Counting on False Optimism for Russia-Ukraine War

Meanwhile, despite the severity of the situation and the continuous advancement of Russian troops with no signs of normalcy, Biden claimed that everything would be “OK.”

He stated Putin miscalculated the war, which is the reason he is finding unpredictable opposition from the Ukrainian people.

As Russian forces circle the capital city of Kyiv, experts have portrayed there might be a glimpse of hope for Ukrainians as they can get the advantage of a familiar battlefield.

A retired army major and an Iraq war expert John Spencer stated Ukrainians are willing to pay every price for the war, as they have nothing to lose.

Russians are not ready to make this sacrifice.

According to him, there need to be five attackers for every single defendant, which can play out in favor of Ukraine, as Russians do not have these many resources available.

Thus, if the Ukrainian army makes the right strategy, they have a likelihood of pushing the enemy away, Spencer added.

Furthermore, he asserted the sole mission of the Russian army was to isolate the capital city from the rest of the country so it would not be able to receive armaments and other logistics support in the war.