Jill Biden and Kamala Harris Hugging Each Other After ‘Go F–K Yourself’ Reveal

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At the White House on Friday, what’s done appears to be done. First Lady Jill Biden got close with VP Kamala Harris a few days after an upcoming book showed that the current first lady declared Harris should “go f–k” herself for charging against now-President Biden during one of the 2020 debates.

VP Harris and the first lady were sharing a maskless hug days after the shocking revelation. The awkward get-together happened before a ceremony at the White House, where Biden presented a Medal of Honor to a 94-year-old Korean War veteran. 

In June 2019, during the first Democratic debate, Harris notably scolded Biden. This was due to his opposition to federally mandated busing. Accordingly, Harris accounted for her own experience with busing and school desegregation while growing up in Oakland, California. 

Then, a week after that, Jill Biden slammed Harris in a conference call with Joe’s supporters. This is according to the account of Edward-Isaac Dovere in his upcoming book entitled, “Battle for the Soul: Inside the Democrats’ Campaigns to Defeat Trump.”

According to an excerpt from the book, Jill Biden stated, “with what [Biden] cares about” and “fights for,” Harris should “go f—- [herself].”

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Jill Biden Did NOT Deny the Remarks

Meanwhile, Jill Biden distinctly did NOT deny the nasty remarks she made. On Thursday, she told a reporter that she already “moved on” from that, adding that “that was two years ago.”

The same excerpt revealed that the then former Vice President Joe Biden complained to a fellow candidate. He said, “Well, that was some f–king bulls–t.”

Then that debate went on into a fiery exchange. Harris pointed out the comments that Biden made about working with segregationists. 

Harris told Biden that she does not believe he is racist. However, she also believes that it is personal. She added that it pains her to hear him talk about the reputations of two United States senators who were known segregationists. 

Furthermore, Harris also mentioned that Biden also worked with them to go against busing. 

Joe Biden slammed Harris for her work as a prosecutor

Biden clapped back and claimed that Harris was only making a mischaracterization of his position. He added that he did not advocate racists.

To support his defense, Biden slammed Harris for her work as a prosecutor. He also lauded his job in the White House with former President Obama. 

Biden added that he worked with a man who worked hard to see that issues are being dealt with in a major way. 

On the other hand, Harris drew sharp criticism from the Democrats for her career as a prosecutor. This includes her work history as a district attorney in San Francisco from 2004 to 2011. She also worked as attorney general in California from the year 2011 to 2017.  

Her years as a prosecutor was critical, with Harris’ record of putting over 1,500 people in jail, mostly for marijuana-related violations. She then laughed when she was asked if she ever tried smoking marijuana.

Harris did not answer the question. She merely responded by saying that “helped” in significantly reforming the criminal justice system in California. During her presidential campaign, Harris also pledged reforms at the national level in abolishing mandatory minimum sentences and the legalization of marijuana.