Job Growth Rate in America Hits Lowest in September

Karl Rove (the former Deputy Chief of Staff of the White House) and Steve Forbes (the CEO of Forbes Media LLC) criticized the Biden administration over the historically low job creation in September, as the job report shows dwindling numbers.

Rove chastised the Biden administration for disappointing job numbers

The former deputy chief said these poor job progression numbers are only a great thing in Biden’s parallel universe. Speaking to Fox News host Sandra Smith, Rove stated almost 1,091,000 and 366,000 new jobs were created in July and August, respectively.

However, in September, only 194,000 new jobs were created, showing the dwindling economic indicators. Now, there are more than five million unemployed people, compared to February 2020; going with the current pace, it will take a long time to make up for this number.

Likewise, Rove stated now fewer people have resources to support their families and contribute to the progress of the country, compared to February 2020. He further criticized Biden, saying Biden’s statement that America is making progress with these numbers shows his ignorance of the country.

Rove made the comparison about Biden’s previous remarks, saying that Biden is the same person who said his $3.5 trillion plan would cost no money to anyone.

Rove further stated this poor performance of the Biden administration is reflected in polls as well, claiming this setback will not get better anytime soon.

While discussing the economic progress, Rove claimed people are concerned about rising taxes and they believe more government spending will not do any good for Americans.

Low Job Growth Rate is Self-Inflicted Misery by Biden

Meanwhile, Steve Forbes connected the low job growth with the idea of the COVID vaccine mandate, saying more people are getting fired due to this mandate; this is why Americans are unable to secure jobs.

He said if the Biden administration removes these artificial barriers, the economy and job growth rate can be skyrocketed. Labeling the job growth report “government inflicted,” the CEO said recovering the economy is in Biden’s hands if he removes self-imposed barriers.

On Friday, the US Labor Department issued a report suggesting the country had mere job growth of 194,000 in the month of September; this manifests the deadly implications of the delta variant on the US economy.

Initially, the forecasted job growth rate was almost 500,000 in September, an ambitious target that fell short miserably. Economists even believed after school reopenings, more parents would join the labor force to support their families.

However, the data shows despite school reopenings, a large number of women left their jobs last month. As the report indicated the failure of the Biden administration, Biden called for the implementation of his social spending and infrastructure bill to create jobs in big numbers.