Jobless Aid Comes to an End for 12 Million Americans

Deadlock on stimulus packages designed to eliminate COVID-19 economic pains is a recurring theme in Washington.

In the latest package, Republicans and Democrats reached an agreement on $600 stimulus checks for Americans; additional parts of the package involved massive overseas spending and some funds for various programs and businesses here at home.

“White House Christmas 2018” (Public Domain) by The White House

Of these packages, the overseas spending and $600 stimulus checks both came under fire. Americans argued that $600 simply is too puny of an amount, especially when millions of dollars are going to other nations.

Many Americans, including President Trump, urged for $2,000 stimulus checks; however, this didn’t fly with congressional Republicans. As of this week, 12 million Americans are now without jobless aid, according to Newsmax.

The Loss of Unemployment Assistance

Due to the content of the latest stimulus package that Congress submitted, President Trump did not sign it into law. The 45th president instead called for Republicans and Democrats in Washington to scrap “pork” spending and increase the stimulus check amounts from $600 to $2,000.

Since Trump did not sign the aforementioned stimulus package, Americans lost their jobless benefits. As of right now, there are 12 million individuals with no access to unemployment assistance. When this changes largely depends on how long it takes Congress and President Trump to agree on a new relief package.

Amid this news, some Americans who rely upon the above-mentioned benefits have stated that they feel like pawns in a chess game between political leaders.

A Possible Government Shutdown

On Tuesday, December 29, there is a very real possibility that the federal government could enter a shutdown due to lack of funding.

The submitted COVID-19 relief package with $600 stimulus checks and “pork” spending could have alleviated this; however, Congress now has their work cut out for them. Trump hasn’t minced words in communicating the stimulus package that he views as acceptable.

A possible government shutdown this week would arrive as so many communities across the country remain on lockdown as well. Shutdowns have become a point of controversy this year as Americans spar over the proper means of containing and mitigating coronavirus.

In regards to COVID-19 relief and preventing a government shutdown, the ball is in Congress’ court.

What do you think about the massive loss in unemployment assistance? Do you believe the government will actually shut down, come this Tuesday? Be sure to share your predictions in the comments section below!