Joe Biden Goes Viral For His Advice to Little Girl

On a consistent basis, Joe Biden is making headlines for his conduct that’s confusing, odd, and otherwise indicative that his mental knacks aren’t what they used to be.

When the president isn’t shaking hands with thin air, he’s calling out and asking where deceased members of Congress are. When Biden isn’t forgetting the names of important individuals he needs to reference in speeches, he’s lying about inflation or foreign policy.

Because of the president’s tendency to forget things or become confused, many people are already of the view that he’s got no business being president.

Biden solidified this opinion, due to his behavior with a little girl caught on camera, as reported by Breitbart News.

A Bad Sign

While in California, Biden went to an Irving-based community college in order to give a speech about reducing pharmaceutical fees and inflation. Yet, when the president personally mixed in with the crowd, this is when his unsolicited advice to a young girl arrived.

On camera, Biden is seen holding onto her shoulders and saying she shouldn’t have any serious relationships with guys until she’s 30. The president then made a point of saying he’s also given this advice to his own daughters and granddaughters.

The girl in question appears on video to be a bit taken aback by this. Before telling the president she’ll give his advice in mind, she simply tells him “OK.”

Also on camera, Secret Service surrounding Biden was seen trying to get the filming of the present to stop after a point.

A Growing List of Problems For the President

On social media, critics pointed out that if a Republican randomly walked up to a little girl and said what the president did, they’d be called out by the press.

Furthermore, Biden’s got much bigger fish to fry than handing out unsolicited advice. For one thing, the economy is still in shambles, despite the president’s previous assertion of the economy being “strong as hell.”

The poor foreign policy choices that Biden’s hitched his wagon to are also having grave ramifications across the globe that can’t be underestimated. China is increasingly hostile and may move to strike Taiwan.

Meanwhile, Russia is openly making threats of nuclear weapons use, moving around nuclear weapons, and unleashing aggressive rhetoric directed towards America and further western countries.

All things considered, Biden would do well to focus on fixing these issues. Then again, that would require him to modify his policies and this is Biden we’re talking about here.

What do you think of the unsolicited dating advice that the president gave to a young girl in California? Let us know in the comments area below if you believe the behavior from Biden was inappropriate.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.