Kamala Harris Admitted Biden FAILED

Kamala Harris has admitted the failure of the Biden administration in tackling the omicron and delta variant of the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, according to the latest reports, the arrival of the COVID-19 pill in the United States can get delayed by nine months, risking the pandemic being carried along for the third consecutive year.

Harris schooled Biden for not foreseeing coronavirus new variants

The vice president stated the Biden administration and scientists “did not” see the omicron and delta variants arriving. Speaking to the Los Angeles Times, she noted due to the high mutations and variants of the virus, foreseeing it is extremely difficult.

Likewise, she believes “misinformation” regarding the vaccines will take the virus into the next year. The interview came amid the voices claiming Harris had been struggling in her office and thinks her potential has been underutilized.

According to an official of the White House, Biden will speak to the media on Tuesday in which he will outline different measures to get rid of the pandemic. 

The interview ended with a controversial question, in which the interviewer asked the vice president if Joe Biden or Joe Manchin was the real president, referring to Manchin’s assertive stance and unprecedented authority in an equally divided Senate.

Responding to this, Harris said it was Joe Biden. Harris accused the interviewer of being a Republican for asking these sorts of questions.

Pfizer COVID pill can get delayed, due to the Food and Drug Administration

Harris took the floor of the interview to tout the COVID vaccine, trying to ask Americans to trust vaccines if they want to get rid of the virus.

She noted that not getting vaccinated is the biggest threat for Americans in these testy times, claiming almost 92% of Democrats have taken their first dose of COVID vaccine; however, only 60 percent of Republicans have done the same.

Harris defied Biden’s earlier comments which he made during July this year that claimed the COVID pandemic does not control Americans’ lives anymore. Harris noted no one can claim victory over the pandemic, considering almost 800,000 people died from this.

Labeling the blockade of the social spending bill “frustration,” she noted the bill would miss the Christmas deadline. Despite the fact the bill is being stalled by her own party’s senator, she blames Republicans.

Meanwhile, according to reports, Pfizer’s COVID pill, namely Paxlovid, reduces the risk of hospitalization and death if taken within three days of symptoms offset.

According to Pfizer’s CEO, Albert Bourla, emerging variants, including omicron, increased the need for immediate treatment for those who may get contacted with the virus.

However, its approval from the Food and Drug Administration can take months, which will increase the suffering of many.

Harris was supposed to be the next Democrat candidate for the US presidential elections in 2024; however, the White House’s announcement diminished her dreams.