Kamala Harris Believed to be True Head of “Biden-Harris” Ticket

Over the weekend, many Americans experienced shock upon hearing Joe Biden’s running mate, Kamala Harris, refer to the prospect of a Biden election win as the “Harris-Biden administration.”

Upon making this reference, Harris quickly noted that the “Harris-Biden administration” would follow with “Joe Biden as president of the United States.” Nonetheless, many Americans saw this gaffe as a Freudian slip and confirmation that Biden is not calling the shots, despite seeking the presidency.


On Tuesday, Biden himself also referred to a potential win as the “Harris-Biden administration.” Since both Harris and Biden have now made this reference, many Americans are taking this message to heart, explains Washington Examiner.

What to Know about a Possible “Harris-Biden Administration”

Yesterday, Biden stood before a podium and told the nation that a “Harris-Biden administration” would prioritize a better quality of life for veterans and military families.

The ex-vice president explained that the “Harris-Biden administration” would ensure that military spouses and children have an easier time with jobs and education; similar promises were also made regarding veterans who have already served in the military.

Unlike Harris, Biden did not attempt to clean things up when referencing the “Harris-Biden administration.”

This marks the second time that both members of the Democrat ticket have stated that Harris would be the true person in charge if Trump does not win the 2020 election.

Thoughts from the Trump Campaign

Biden’s talk about a “Harris-Biden administration” arrived at a very interesting time.

Yesterday, President Trump utterly tore into Joe Biden; Trump explained that his election rival is completely “shot” and without a clue. The president’s remarks arrived after Biden glibly referred to him as a “climate arsonist” and a “denier” of “climate change.”

The Trump campaign has since descended upon the former vice president, amid both members of the Democrat ticket speaking of a “Harris-Biden administration.”

Recent surveys have shown that most Americans do not believe that Biden would successfully complete a first term in office; even Biden himself has yet to commit to running for a second term, should he win the presidency.

At this time, the Biden campaign has not addressed the second mention of a “Harris-Biden administration.”

Therefore, some conservatives believe that this is the Democrats’ way of sending a message to the nation; after all, what are the odds that both Biden and his running mate would speak of a “Harris-Biden administration?”

Do you believe that Joe Biden is truly in charge of his own campaign or policies? Is Kamala Harris the one pulling strings behind the scenes? Let us know down below in the comments section!