Kamala Harris’ Press Secretary Deleted Over 10,000 Tweets

Kirsten Allen, who is going to be the new press secretary of Kamala Harris, deleted over 10,000 tweets before taking a high-profile job in the incumbent administration.

The Twitter cleanup came since Harris’ last spokeswoman resigned last December.

Harris’ New Press Secretary Deleted Over 10,000 Tweets

According to Fox News, Harris contacted Allen and requested her to assume the office of the press secretary of the vice president.

In between January 2 and January 10 this year, Allen deleted over half of her tweets. As per Social Blade, which is a digital media analytics tool, she had 17,880 tweets on January 2, which were reduced to 7,286 a week later.

This came amid the exit of the former spokeswoman of Harris, Symone Sanders, who left the vice president last year. After that, she announced that she would join MSNBC.

Although cleaning up a Twitter account is a normal job for most people who make political transitions, the deletion of such a massive inventory of tweets is controversial. It raises queries about the type of content present on her account, Fox News noted.

As per the Harris spokesperson, Allen got connected to the vice president in February this year; the tweets were deleted in January.

Allen is a career Democrat who worked on the House subcommittee for coronavirus crisis and as the deputy communications director at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC).

Likewise, she also worked as a deputy communications director for the unsuccessful 2018 gubernatorial campaign of Florida’s Andrew Gillum.

She was even a volunteer for the Biden-Harris transition team after the 2020 presidential elections until Biden’s inauguration in January 2021.

Anti-Biden Tweets Still Present on Allen’s Account

According to the communications director of Kamala Harris, Jamal Simmons, the administration is “fortunate” to have her on board.

She has a history of being on good terms with Harris. Likewise, Allen is a good communicator, Simmons added.

The office of the vice president was already navigating troubled waters, as multiple high-profile staffers left Harris. This came at a time when the distance between Harris and Biden was allegedly increasing, as the former believed her potential was not recognized fully.

Still, several tweets are present on Allen’s account, which she posted while working on the presidential campaign of Kamala Harris.

One of those tweets is regarding a bitter incident between Biden and Harris during the tense Democratic primaries, in which Harris accused Biden of working with segregationist senators.

Allen will have to work in the disgruntled communications team of the vice president, as the post on which she will serve remained vacant for over a month.

Similarly, then-Deputy Press Secretary Sabrina Singh also left Harris for a new gig in the Pentagon, leaving big gaps in the messaging team of the vice president.