KISS’s Paul Stanley Calls Gender Surgery for Children a Dangerous Trend

On Sunday morning, Paul Stanley, the frontman of KISS, expressed his disapproval of gender reassignment surgery for children, labeling it as harmful and erroneous.

According to Stanley, parents are contributing to the normalization of what he refers to as the mutilation of unsuspecting young lives.

Stanley’s Warning: Gender Transitioning of Children is a Dangerous Trend

Stanley emphasized, “A vast distinction exists between fostering acceptance and normalizing, or even promoting engagement in a lifestyle that bewilders youngsters into doubting their sexual identity.”

He elaborated, “Indeed, there are individuals who, as grown-ups, may determine that reassignment is the necessary course of action for them.”

“However, parents considering it as a normal, natural option, or assuming a little boy donning his sister’s attire should be steered further along a path that strays from the innocence of their actions, is misguided.”

The prominent KISS musician characterized the transitioning of children as a perilous trend.

The Hazardous Phenomenon of Promoting Gender Identity to Youngsters

He explained, “A multitude of youngsters, who possess no genuine understanding of sexuality or sexual experiences, become enthralled by the ‘amusement’ of employing pronouns and declaring their identity.”

“Regrettably, certain adults misconstrue the concept of promoting acceptance, inadvertently normalizing and fostering a situation that has historically been challenging for those genuinely impacted. Consequently, this phenomenon has transformed into a distressing and hazardous craze.”

Stanley’s comments emerge in the context of conservative-leaning states, such as Montana and Florida, recently enacting anti-trans legislation targeting young people.

These prohibitions can impede healthcare professionals from offering gender transition services to minors. Such procedures encompass gender-reassignment surgeries, hormone therapy, and the administration of puberty blockers.

The rock star, known for his iconic face paint, had been an outspoken critic of former President Donald Trump.

Stanley penned, “If you are a fan who now feels that my opinions are estranging you, it is, regrettably, your decision and not my intention.”