Latest Polls: Top 9 in 10 Most Popular Governors are Republicans

A recent Morning Consult poll shows nine out of the top ten most popular governors in the United States are Republicans. Meanwhile, Biden’s popularity rating dropped below the least popular governor of the country.

Biden’s approval rating lower than the least popular governor

According to the polls, Phil Scott, a Republican governor of Vermont, is the most popular amongst the governors of all states, garnering a 71 percent approval rating. 

Ned Lamont, the governor of Connecticut, is the only Democrat governor who made it into the top ten list with a 64 percent approval rating.

Based on their popularity, the list of the governors includes Phil Scott of Vermont, Charlie Baker of Massachusetts, Larry Hogan of Maryland, Chris Sununu of North Hampshire.

It also includes Mark Gordan of Wyoming, Jim Justice of West Virginia, Ned Lamont of Connecticut, Kay Ivey of Alabama. The remaining governors are Mike DeWine of Ohio and Spencer Cox of Utah.

Not only this, six out of the ten least popular executives are Democrats, showing public distrust of them. Kate Brown, the Democrat governor of Oregon, is the least popular governor in the United States.

She has a 43 percent approval rating, seven percentage points greater than Biden’s approval rating of 36 percent.

Tim Malloy, a Quinnipiac University polling analyst, noted the recent polls indicate voters prefer Republicans with a double digital margin. This suggests the GOP can easily grab Congress during next year’s midterm elections.

The recent dip in popularity did not come as a surprise to Democrats, as various factions within the party were already expecting it.

Recently, far-left Congresswoman AOC noted Democrats could bite the dust if they do not leave their habit of overpromising and underdelivering.

Republicans trying to convince Phil Scott to run for Senate

Meanwhile, amid seeing Phil Scott’s massive popularity in Vermont, the GOP has been trying to recruit him to run for Senate elections in 2022 to help the party in clinching the chamber from Democrats.

However, Scott has continuously been denying the calls, noting he will run for gubernatorial elections again. Jason Maulucci, Scott’s spokesman, said the governor would not run for Senate elections in 2022.

Phil Scott has also managed to impress Democrat voters, as almost 9 out of 10 Democrats in the state approve him as governor. Likewise, Independent voters (who constitute the majority of Vermont’s electorate) also support Scott.

Scott won the gubernatorial election by a whopping margin of 41 percentage points in a state Biden carried by almost 35 percentage points the same year.

Now with the retirement of Patrick Leahy, the longest-serving US senator, his seat would stand vacant. This raises hopes for the GOP to grab the seat in the deeply blue state to get a net gain in the Senate during midterm elections.