Latest US Military Assessment Shows Alarming Results

The US military received its record-lowest rating this week after an extensive analysis of the agency’s operations by the Heritage Foundation. This compared the results from the past two years to those prior.

The report included a wide array of areas the military covers, including outside threats to the US, the agency’s overall condition, as well as the state of our international alliances with other great military forces in the world.

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Biden’s handling of US military ran it into the ground

The “weak” rating we received during this year’s assessment is the lowest our military has scored in the nine years since the index was first implemented. It is sending a clear message about Biden’s competence in dealing with the subject matter.

It’s still implied that our global operating environment is satisfactory all across the board. Though threats to peace and safety in the US have been growing rapidly ever since Biden was signed into office, starting with the botched Afghanistan retreat.

Currently, the biggest threats are China and Russia, with North Korea, Iran, and several others lagging behind a considerable amount, but not enough to write them off just yet.

Even though the list is comprised mostly of the usual suspects, both China and North Korea have been making some major advances when it comes to military prowess in the past two years.

This involves most notably the former, as they’ve developed ICBM technology that has been years ahead of what we have in store.

A lackluster performance

Another portion of the assessment focused on the current power level of the US military.

It goes into a deep analysis of the agency’s capabilities, capacity, as well as readiness and even nuclear capability, which was included as a separate branch.

It’s been noted that due to poor investment strategies and a lack of modernization programs, the US military is being degraded on a massive scale.

That is in spite of all Congress’ efforts to relieve the pressure of low-budget ceilings imposed in 2011 by the Budget Control Act.

Additionally, growing inflation further increased the expenses for the US military, practically obsoleting the plethora of Trump-era programs created specifically for boosting the agency’s readiness.

The only branches that were categorized as strong were the Marine Corps and our nuclear capabilities. This isn’t uncommon, considering we’re fully equipped to deal with any sort of nuclear attack China or Russia may dish out.

On the other hand, though, our Navy and Air Force have paled in comparison. The latter is suffering major problems due to a lack of pilots and a small number of cockpit hours for those who actually stayed within the branch.

The only branch with a “marginal” score was the US Army, which is still lackluster compared to China’s, which embraced the modernization of weaponry and combat strategies that we would’ve already been accustomed to, had Biden provided enough funding for the agency.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.