Left-wing Actress Makes Jarring Threat

In recent years, there’s been an undeniable push to expose young children to sexualized drag queens.

We’ve all seen this with drag queens reading to kids during storytime hours at schools. We’ve likewise witnessed children attending extremely sexual drag queen shows that involve undress and other lewd acts.

Many parents understandably don’t want their kids exposed to this. Furthermore, right-wing lawmakers are taking action to ensure children are kept away from things that are not age appropriate.

Though amid the growing debate over drag queens and the proper settings for them, a new statement from left-wing actress Charlize Theron is raising some eyebrows, according to the New York Post.

What to Know About Theron’s Statement

During a recent fundraising event for drag queens, Theron declared that she would “f*ck up” people who have problems with drag queens.

Her threat appears to be directed towards growing numbers of folks speaking out against children attending laboriously sexualized drag shows that are clearly geared toward adult audiences.

During this fundraising event, the left-wing actress was joined by other celebrities who opted to show their support for drag queens as well. Later on, Theron also clearly expressed her view that drag queens don’t pose harm to kids.

America Begs to Differ

Suffice it to say, many Americans do not share Theron’s view that drag queens are benign to kids. In fact, social media has erupted with backlash concerning Theron’s threat to “f*ck up” people who she deems as at odds with drag queens.

Correspondingly, there are now calls to boycott Hollywood and specific projects that Theron herself may be involved in. So far, the actress has shown zero signs of backing down or walking back her message to those who have issues regarding drag queens interacting with children.

Other celebrities who joined Theron in expressing support for drag queens are also taking some heat on social media.