Left-Wing Senator Yells at the Supreme Court Once Again

Elizabeth Warren, a Democrat senator from Massacheutus, suggested the Supreme Court should be expanded to neutralize its conservative tilt. Her op-ed came at a time when the court is likely to overturn Roe in a Roe v. Wade verdict to reduce abortion access in America.

Elizabeth Warren criticized Supreme Court construction for political gains

Recently, the commission made by the president to study the possibility of expanding the Supreme Court presented its report back to Biden.

As the commission made no recommendations regarding court packing, the proponents of court packing once again started to discuss the matter to make it relevant.

Senator Warren noted in an op-ed written for the Boston Globe that the current composition of the Supreme Court is controversial.

Warren asserted the court is looking to overturn abortion rights, gun control, and climate change efforts, which defies the democratic foundations of the country.

It is important to note that Biden’s commission report noted no politician wants to change the construction of the court just to overturn the decisions of some specific cases; however, Warren’s comments suggest otherwise.

Warren asserted she is an ardent supporter of the rule of law and the independence of the judiciary; therefore, she does not believe in the partisan Supreme Court that comes at odds with the US Constitution.

In a recently concluded commission’s report, members of Biden’s commission wrote expanding the Supreme Court once would set a precedent for upcoming governments to do the same for political purposes.

However, Elizbeth Warren busted this notion, saying proponents of this ideology are “wrong,” blaming Republicans who have been hijacking the court.

Further lambasting the judiciary, Warren noted unethical practices in the Supreme Court need to end.

She wrote justices must not be allowed to go on expensive paid trips and receive big checks from right-wing extremist groups, as these sorts of practices go far beyond ethical abuses.

Warren blames Republicans and the Supreme Court for anti-Democrat policies

Referring to Republicans’ refusal to hold the Senate hearing of Merrick Garland back in 2016, she noted the GOP hijacked the Supreme Court by not entertaining then-President Obama’s request.

Warren continued blaming Republicans for court-packing, saying Mitch McConnel reversed his own rule of not approving the Supreme Court justice during election years when he approved Justice Amy Coney Barrett, just before the 2020 election.

Labeling the Supreme Court as “extremist” and “radical,” Warren accused the court of election rigging by letting corporations spend an unlimited amount of money on buying the election.

Likewise, the left-wing senator kept on blaming the court for all anti-left policies, noting the current bench reduced civil rights in the country, while hurting the Voting Rights Act twice.

Advising Congress to increase the Supreme Court seats by four or more justices, Warren asserted Congress has the authority to fix the broken institutional framework.

She added increasing the number of justices in the Supreme Court does not count as “court-packing.”