Left-Wing Violent Climate Groups Invaded the Interior Department Building

Left-wing climate activist groups invaded the Interior Department building on Thursday, resulting in multiple officers sustaining injuries. Democrat leadership, however, stayed silent and opted not to say a single word against the protestors.

Violent Pro-Climate Groups Invaded, Occupied the Interior Department Building

Climate change demonstrators protested against Biden’s approval of some fossil fuel projects, which sparked the protests. At least a dozen of the violent protestors occupied the Stewart Lee Udall building after the clashes with police.

Meanwhile, some protestors who remained outside the building continued their face-off with police and used physical force against them.

Inspired by Joe Biden’s so-called “Build Back Better” agenda, the climate activism group “Build Back Fossil Free” staged a five-day-long protest named ‘People Vs. Fossil Fuel’ in front of the Interior Department.

The protestors blamed police for using aggressive tactics against them, as they said the security forces used tasers and batons on them. According to protestors, they wanted a meeting with Interior Department Secretary Deb Haaland.

The spokesperson of the Federal Protective agency, Melissa Schwartz, however, evinced the secretary was traveling outside of Washington at the time of the protest.

Schwartz further noted the department is the advocate of peaceful protests and free speech. Likewise, she stated the department would continue protecting its dignity and First Amendment rights at the same time.

Democrats Failed to Condemn Insurrectionist Attacks 

After the invasion and occupation of the building, the climate leaders tweeted from inside the building that police were arresting people outside.

The five-day protests started Monday with a different theme each day; the demonstrators invaded the building on Thursday when the theme was “we need real solutions, not false promises.”

Protestors vowed the president had broken his promises and they would not retreat this time to heal the Earth. Reporters who covered the incident confirmed the left-wing activists confronted police and employed violence once they saw their protests not driving any response from the administration.

Ellie Silverman, the Washington Post journalist, tweeted that some protestors successfully occupied the building, while others continued their insurgency outside.

Those who protested outside the building chanted “death to the black snake,” referring to an oil expansion project in Minnesota and Wisconsin, which the activists oppose to its core.

Another conservative journalist, Andy Ngô, wrote the Interior Department episode is reminiscent of the January 6 Capitol attack. The activist groups want Biden to immediately declare a climate emergency and revamp all of his recently approved fossil fuels projects. 

Despite a brutal attack on a federal building, Democrats are silent right now and unable to even condemn the insurrection. Even lawmakers who blamed the GOP for staging the Jan. 6 incident have yet to utter a single word against the protestors who hijacked the department’s building.