Leftists Are Worried About Elon Musk Buying Twitter

As Elon Musk makes an attractive bid of $43 billion to buy Twitter, the far-left agenda of suppressing free speech is in danger.

Experts believe Musk would do a lot better to protect freedom of speech on the platform.

Leftists’ Suppression of Free Speech is in Danger

The vice president of Free Speech American and Business at the Media Research Center, Dan Gainor, stated if Musk gets a chance to run Twitter, he will do better, compared to the existing leadership of the platform.

He further asserted this is evident from the reaction of leftist outlets, which are showing their concerns about the possible deal.

Gainor also claimed it is not possible for Musk to turn Twitter into something worse than the current platform.


Likewise, the management of Twitter and Facebook have made censorship a tool of political maneuvering in favor of leftist parties, the expert claimed.

Thus, Twitter no longer serves democracy in its current form.

Moreover, Gainor highlighted the backlash of liberal media outlets, including CNN and the Washington Post, about the possible deal.

According to Gainor, leftist media channels do not want to change stakeholders of the social media giant because the platform is serving their interests in its current form.

The expert also predicted the situation could end up being in court.

This is because corporations are supposed to act in the “best interest” of their shareholders, so some of these shareholders can take the deal to court.

Since Musk made his offer, CNN has been continuously bidding on how to stop Musk from buying Twitter.

An article published on CNN’s website quoted a teacher of a Columbia School, Donna Hitscherich, who stated Twitter could tell Musk the following, “Get lost, we’re good.”

Leftists are worried about the deal for the fact that they could lose their favorite platform once Musk acquires the company.

The current management of Twitter made some controversial decisions, including banning former President Trump.

Similarly, many other conservatives have been pushed down in the feed of Twitter, which provides Democrats an unfavorable playing field to preach their message. 

For a long time, the platform downplayed Hunter Biden’s laptop story, like many other liberal networks, which helped the first son in averting public scrutiny.

Musk Faces Difficulty in Acquiring the Company

Meanwhile, Musk faces a major roadblock in his path to acquiring the company.

On Friday, Twitter adopted a “poison pill,” a financial instrument that companies use to increase the number of shares of the company so a takeover of the platform becomes unimaginably expensive.

This can eventually stop Musk from buying the company, as he already indicated he made his best offer.

However, some experts believe these poison pills can be used as an instrument of negotiation by companies to get maximum profit out of the deal.