Leftists Mocking Deaths of Republicans

Republican Congressman Fred Keller has warned the Biden administration about bullying unvaccinated people, suggesting it is a “bad thing.”

Recently, many social media users mocked the death of the Orange County Deputy Attorney after knowing she was unvaccinated and died of COVID.

Biden should not divide Americans using his vaccine mandate

In a CNN clip that recently went viral, a contributor was claiming they would try to either make life insurance impossible for unvaccinated people or raise their hospital bills to force them to get vaccinated.

Criticizing the concept, Rep. Keller indicated America is not built around the model of disenfranchising those who do not comply with a promoted ideology. Thus, freedom of expression should be respected in every possible sense.

Keller noted the left-wing political spectrum teaches bullying, which is dangerous for American society. Likewise, he stated people of his constituency know ways to keep themselves and their surroundings safe.

Therefore, Biden should not impose his will on people, which promotes the interests of private manufacturers.

Further lambasting Biden, Keller highlighted this is the time people should be brought together; so Biden must stop his efforts to divide Americans.

The congressman believes if Biden could solve the supply chain crisis and ensure the timely delivery of goods and services, the crisis of the pandemic could be mitigated at a rapid pace.

The Supreme Court is all set to hear arguments regarding Biden’s two vaccine mandates on Friday. This came at a time when the omicron variant was gaining ground in America.

Now, Flourona has been detected in the country, and a new variant of COVID, namely IHU, was found in France.

Leftists are mocking the deaths of unvaccinated people

Meanwhile, the California Republican deputy district attorney of Orange County, Kelly Ernby, died this week. This has paved grounds for pro-vaccine forces to attack her.

When her husband confirmed she was not vaccinated, Facebook users started commenting on her page. Some people were posting Charles Darwin’s thumbs-up GIF, which is used to mock the way people die.

Similarly, other people took to Twitter to mock her death, with one user commenting Ernby is now a “winner of the Herman Cain Award.” Cain was a Republican, who ran for president in 2012 and died in 2020 of coronavirus.

Some media outlets are also encouraging the Biden administration to discriminate against unvaccinated people. One of the reporters of the White House asked press secretary Jen Psaki why Biden is not focusing on scolding unvaccinated Americans.

Mentioning the approach of the French President Emmanuel Macron, who recently vowed to “piss off” unvaccinated people, Daniel Lippman of Politico wondered if Biden would follow the same approach.

However, Psaki remained out of the controversy by saying the government is trying its best to vaccinate people. Biden has been tough on the unvaccinated in his past messages, when he claimed this is the “pandemic of unvaccinated people.”