LGBTQ Over-Reprensented in Films To Push Woke Agenda

Over the past several years, major studios in Hollywood have increased LGBTQ representation in films. However, a recent report has shown representation has not been evenly spread across all genders; the LGBTQ are, in fact, over-represented.

One Out of Five Movies Have LGBTQ Characters

The 10th annual Studio Responsibility Index reported last year, one out of five (or 16 out of 77) movies released in theaters by major Hollywood studios had at least one LGBTQ character.

This is according to GLAAD, a media advocacy group of the LGBTQ community.

Included among these LGBTQ-inclusive movies were “Eternals,” “Dear Evan Hansen,” “West Side Story,” “Licorice Pizza,” and “In the Heights.”

The report assessed movies released by seven Hollywood studios that earned the highest grosses from movies that were released in 2021.

16 out of 77 movies released by these studios, or 20.8%, have LGBTQ characters. According to reports, this percentage is lower than the previous year, 2020 wherein 10 out of 44 films, or 23%, have LGBTQ characters included.

Out of the 16 movies in 2021 that have LGBTQ characters, 11 films, or 69% of them included male characters, four, or 25% included a lesbian character and two, or 13% included bisexuals.

As the media advocacy group of the LGBTQ community moves for more prominent representation, there is also a high chance that LGBTQ characters would receive longer screen time and be in leading roles.

Parents Questioning Why Children’s Entertainment is Being Sexualized

It can be remembered that back in April, amidst the controversy surrounding Florida’s Parental Rights, Bob Chapek, the Disney CEO, promised to be a “better ally” of the LGBTQ community.

This statement was supported by Karey Burke, the president of Disney’s general entertainment, stating she would want to see many more LGBTQ characters in Disney series and moves.

The company abides by its promise, as it featured a lesbian couple in the recent Disney-Pixar film, Lightyear, and a major LGBTQ lead character was seen in the movie Thor: Love and Thunder.

On the other hand, Adam Holz, Focus on the Family’s Plugged In director told CBN News that Disney is not how it used to be anymore.

Holz contended that the company is losing touch with a great number of its traditional audience, due to its effort to stay culturally relevant and push for a different agenda.

Parents across the nation are questioning why innocent children’s entertainment is being sexualized.

Holz expressed concern that kids’ programming often brings in an adult message, such as LGBTQ issues, leaving many wondering if it was possible for there to be purely wholesome and age-appropriate content available.

Americans across the country are expressing their lack of trust in Disney, due to their push for children and young adults to learn controversial “woke” sexual ideologies.

An interview with Robert Holz via Trafalgar Group’s national survey revealed many citizens formerly viewed Disney as a symbol they could always count on, but now view them differently.

Instead, Disney is just another entertainment provider that may be preaching an agenda parents don’t necessarily want to be broadcasted to younger generations.