Liberal Analysts Labeled Founding Father as a Rapist

Elie Mystal, a correspondent of the Nations magazine, said the American Constitution is “not good” and is “trash.”

He went to great lengths in insulting the sacred document that holds significant respect across the country.

Liberal Analyst: American Constitution is Trash

During his appearance on a talk show for Salon, Elie Mystal noted a “bunch of rich,” “white politicians” crafted the American Constitution when they were busy making deals with each other. 

He further stated that writers of the Constitution did not inculcate any black person’s point of view, and they used to control slaves.

This time, Mystal was doubling down on this narrative as he previously established the same thing in his book.

The book named, “Allow Me to Retort: A Black Guy’s Guide to the Constitution,” mentioned in the very first chapter that the American Constitution is not good. He also grilled conservatives for their respect of the document.

Furthermore, Mystal added the American Constitution is primarily created for the sake of white male dominance and reflects what type of political rights white males are ready to give to other people.

Calling the Constitution an “imperfect work,” Mystal claimed the Constitution has to be “modified” consistently so the principles of justice and equality can be established.

Still, liberals do not question the legitimacy of the Constitution, yet conservatives continuously defend the claim the Constitution is written by “divine flame,” he maintained.

In addition to that, Mystal said that the document was crafted in a “sweaty summer” by people who were trying to protect their right to “rape the humans” enslaved to them.

“American Constitution is Trash”

When the host of the “Salon Talks” Dean Obeidallah asked Mystal to clarify his comments, he started to insult the document once again.

According to him, people have “crazy” respect for the Constitution in America, and residents in other countries do not have such a level of respect for their Constitutions. 

It is pertinent to note here the Constitution was crafted by the Founding Fathers of America, who hold significant respect in both political parties of the country.

However, Mystal stated the Founding Fathers of the country were “white slavers, colonizers and abolitionists” who did not care to incorporate the narrative of black people in making the most important document of the country.

Mystal continued, saying the American Constitution is “trash,” as there is a score of “stupid things” present in it.

Thus, if we have to make the Constitution again, many of the things would be eliminated, like the fact people are even unable to directly elect their own president.


He was referring to the Electoral College method, which indirectly selects a president after the presidential elections.

Mystal is a controversial, radical left personality who often appears on MSNBC as a guest. Recently, he grilled Joe Biden when Biden denounced the idea of police defunding, noting Biden tried to be “nice” with this message.