Liberal Media Criticizes Biden Administrations Inability to Communicate Transparently

The Biden administration was criticized by prominent liberal media; this criticism happened because of Biden announcing the date of the COVID vaccine booster shot rollout before the FDA could even confirm its validity.

FDA was caught off guard of the deadline set by the Biden administration

The Food and Drug Administration seemed to be caught off guard by the recent announcement made by Biden. Biden’s announcement stated the COVID booster shots will be available to the public by the 20th of September.

The FDA was then left scrambling, noting that they needed more time to review crucial data before a deadline could be set. This raised concerns about the influence that the administration could have on science-related decisions.

Previously, the FDA announced its plan to provide booster shots for people who received Pfizer. For those who received Johnson & Johnson or Moderna, they still have to wait for further information on if booster shots will likewise be provided to them.

On the other hand, amidst the ongoing dispute about the deadline of COVID vaccine booster shots, two senior officials in the FDA resigned. Dr. Marc Siegel, Professor of Medicine and contributor of Fox News, noted that the situation is a “mess.”

Kaitlin Collins, Chief White House Correspondent of CNN, likewise made remarks stating the review of the COVID booster vaccine could be minimal. However, the present issue is raising concerns that scientific-based decisions are greatly influenced by the White House.

Joshua Jamerson, a national political reporter of the Wall Street Journal, also stated the people he talked to were likewise frustrated about the inconsistent and ever-changing statements of the White House.

The Biden administration is showing an inability to communicate transparently

Molly Ball of Time magazine echoed the same sentiments. Ball declared the Biden administration is showing an apparent failure to transparently and consistently communicate with the public. She added that although everyone understands the challenging situation, how the administration is handling matters is not making it easy.

Ball emphasized that people have to know what they should do next or at least the clear standard implemented by the Biden administration to be followed nationwide. The administration is grappling to handle the changing aspects of COVID-19.

On top of this, people are also getting disappointed with how the Biden administration is handling the pandemic, as dropping polls reflect the public’s dissatisfaction. The botched withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan and the death of U.S. military members made the situation even worse for the Biden administration.

Recently, the president was also criticized for how he acted when he met the Gold Star families of the fallen soldiers; parents noted that Biden talked more about his late son, Beau Biden, than their sons and daughters who were killed during the mission.

The president later evoked anger when video footage showed him glancing at his watch a couple of times during the solemn ceremony of receiving the fallen soldiers.