Liberal News Network Becomes the Official Press Outlet of the White House

Liberal media outlets are becoming the mouthpiece of the Biden administration ahead of the midterm elections.

One such outlet, The Hill, slammed Republicans for claiming the IRS is seeking to target middle-class Americans under the newly passed Inflation Reduction Act.

Although Democrats are doubling the size of the IRS and experts believe average Americans will be taxed further, the liberal media is still claiming Republicans are intentionally misleading Americans on the new tax policy of the federal government.

Liberal Media Teams Up With the Biden Administration

According to a recent report from a left-leaning media outlet, The Hill, Republicans are threatening Americans with the IRS, ahead of the midterm elections.

The liberal network further asserted the GOP is trying to make a narrative that the Biden administration is increasing the funding of the tax watchdog by $80 billion to target middle-class Americans.

While further defending Democrats, The Hill noted the federal government already announced the new IRS hires will be used to target rich Americans only.

However, the GOP is still attempting to portray that average Americans will suffer the most under the new funding, the report mentioned.

These concerns of the liberal news network came at a time when even White House officials are reluctant to claim 87,000 new IRS hires will only be used to target rich Americans.

Although nonpartisan congressional agencies already established almost every American will face the burden of new taxes, The Hill still quoted so-called fact-checkers.

The fact-checkers suggested only those people earning more than $400,000 annually will be taxed under the new laws.

Dems Rejected Republicans’ Proposal to Save Middle-Class Americans

The Hill’s op-ed mentioned the letter of Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen to the IRS, in which she asked the tax watchdog not to increase the tax audit rates on Americans making less than $400,000 a year.

Yellen insisted the new tax machinery should only be used to catch high-end noncompliance, per The Hill.

Despite these assertions of the Treasury Secretary, the op-ed continued, the GOP still believes no law would bar the IRS from chasing middle-class Americans.

Though these reports of the liberal media outlet carry minimal weight, especially at a time when all 50 Democratic senators voted against a GOP-proposed amendment that sought to limit the IRS from auditing middle-class people.

When the Inflation Reduction Act was debated in the Senate, Republican Senator Mike Crapo offered an amendment in the tax laws that would have bound the IRS to audit only rich Americans.

Though all 50 Democrats voted against the amendment, paving their way to chase the money of average Americans as well.

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) claimed Crapo’s amendment would have reduced IRS revenue by $20 billion, all of which will be recovered from average income earners.