Liberal TV Host Grilled Jen Psaki for Biden’s Hypocrisy

The press secretary of the White House, Jen Psaki, found herself in unfriendly territory, even on a liberal TV show.

Host Mehdi Hassan grilled her on why Biden did not try to end the filibuster earlier last year.

Mehdi Hassan pushed Jen Psaki into trouble

In his show “The 11th Hour” of MSNBC, Hassan asked Pskai why Biden took a whole year to change his views about the filibuster.

The host noted Biden preached about his voting rights bills for the first time in Atlanta earlier this month and wasted the whole last year to pursue bipartisanship.

During his question, the liberal host played Psaki’s clip from March 2021, in which she claimed Biden’s views regarding the filibuster did not change.

In addition to this, Hassan also mentioned the comments of Congresswoman AOC, who stated on the same show one day earlier that Biden “dragged his feet” on the filibuster reforms.

Psaki immediately started clarifying to the host that Atlanta’s speech was not the first time Biden emphasized the so-called voting rights. 

However, the liberal host immediately cut off the secretary, claiming the Atlanta speech was actually the first time Biden came out publicly on the issue.

The White House press secretary appeared frustrated at the moment, saying, “I am getting there, Mehdi. I agree with you.”

As she continued speaking hurriedly, Psaki stated Biden signed an executive order on voting rights immediately after assuming the presidency.

Likewise, pursuing the filibuster reforms earlier was unlikely to change the minds of the two moderate senators, Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema.

Hassan interrupted Jen Psaki, asking if the support of the “bully pulpit” of the United States some nine months ago could have helped Democrats wrap up the filibuster.

Responding to this, Psaki started reiterating the same things: it was not going to change the minds of the two senators anyway.

Instead, the secretary continued, it could have had an opposite effect on other senators as well.

Biden ate his own words by opposing the filibuster

Since Biden started opposing the filibuster, he has been criticized badly for pursuing the path which he himself opposed vehemently.

In 2005, when he was a senator from Delaware, Biden noted eliminating the filibuster is a “power grab” by the majority party.

As Manchin and Sinema opposed ending the filibuster, the two election bills of Democrats, among with other legislation, have been stalled in the Senate, with no hopes of passing anytime soon. 

More Democrat lawmakers are now raising their voices to remove these two senators from Congress in their next elections.

Bernie Sanders indicated he can support the primary challenger of Kyrsten Sinema.

During her interview with Hassan, AOC also extended her support for the potential primary challenger of Sinema, Congressman Ruben Gallego.