Liberals Blaming Patriarchy For Mass Shootings

Far-left Democratic lawmaker AOC blamed patriarchy for the violent mass shooting episode in Texas.

This has prompted a former police chief of New York to issue a rebuttal against the liberal lawmaker for singling out one class for the crisis.

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AOC Blamed Patriarchy for Mass Shooting

After every mass shooting event, the far-left tries to jump to sweeping conclusions without waiting for any investigation.

The same was the case this time as well when GOP Senator Ted Cruz was labeled as a “baby killer” by Democratic pundits.

Not only this, but AOC stated the root causes of such incidents lie in patriarchy propagated by men who want to keep women subjugated.

So, speaking to Fox News, former Police Chief of New York La’ron Singletary asserted he watched AOC’s videos a lot of times, concluding the liberal lawmaker did not have any idea of what she was saying.

By propagating “characterizations and accusations,” AOC was tying the brutal events with a specific class of American society, the chief added.

Furthermore, he noted these types of narratives continue to bifurcate American society.

Calling AOC’s remarks “sexist and discriminatory,” Singletary said politicians have to use their platforms carefully to avoid spreading hate.

The police chief also mentioned the investigations into the murders are still ongoing. No conclusion can be made yet about why the shooter decided to go that route.

According to the chief, AOC only propagates “rhetoric” on social media without providing any viable solution to the crises, which eventually divides people.

“Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez @ SXSW 2019” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by nrkbeta

Liberals Jump to Conclusions Without Waiting for Investigations

Subsequent investigations into previous such events have already established strict gun laws are likely to increase mass shootings.

However, liberals always try to make immediate conclusions without seeing the investigations done by top criminologists. AOC also took aim at the “pro-life” stance of conservatives.

By making weird analogies between brutal shootings and abortion, she claimed supporting murders in schools, grocery stores, worship places, and other crowded places is not a “pro-life” stance at all.

Republicans were not the only ones facing the wrath of the radical congresswoman, though.

She blasted Senate Democrats for their inability to pass gun control laws from the upper chamber, adding that Senate Democrats are also involved in cooking up the conspiracy.

Thus, she called liberal senators to approve all legislation already passed from the House. Included are H.R. 8, H.R. 1808, and H.R. 1454.

Democratic senators recently faced a setback when they fell short of the needed votes required to pass the H.R. 8 from the Senate.

Had the measure been passed, this could have made background checks even tighter for gun acquisitions, thus depriving the masses of the constitutionally given right to own firearms.