Lone Democrat Opposes Biden’s Shutdown of Keystone Pipeline

"Senator Joe Manchin (WV)" (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by Third Way

Of the various decisions made by the current president, the closure of Keystone XL pipeline has engendered some of the heaviest criticism.

Republicans continue to push back against Biden, asserting that his pipeline permit shutdown destroyed thousands of good-paying jobs; GOP members also warn about the negative impacts that Biden’s policies are having upon the oil and gas industries.

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“Senator Joe Manchin (WV)” (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by Third Way

Since the cancellation of the permit, many pipeline workers, oil/gas workers, and other Americans in similar sectors have spoken out about their disappointments and “betrayals” they feel from the 46th president.

In an interesting twist, however, it turns out that Republicans aren’t the only ones who take issue with eliminating Keystone XL pipeline. West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin, widely regarded as a moderate Democrat, vocalized earlier this week his disagreement with Biden’s actions against the pipeline, confirms Newsmax.

Sen. Manchin on Keystone Pipeline and More

On Tuesday, the West Virginia Democrat spoke about Keystone XL pipeline during his appearance on Fox News Network.

Manchin explained that he “respectfully [disagrees]” with the 46th president’s decision to eliminate the pipeline; the moderate Democrat then went on to explain that oil is safer going through the pipeline than it is traveling via tanker cars or trains.

After stating that America shouldn’t be reliant upon foreign energy, Manchin then spoke about environmental concerns. The West Virginia Democrat expressed that while a path to a healthier global environment doesn’t arrive via elimination, innovation via technology is possible.

Finally, Manchin progressed that a “pathway forward” would be found.

A Path Forward for Keystone Pipeline?

Earlier this week, Republicans in Congress submitted legislation that would essentially restore Keystone XL pipeline and remove the need for presidential approval. However, this legislation faces quite an uphill battle, seeing as the GOP controls neither the House nor the Senate.

With the exception of Sen. Manchin, the vast majority of Democrats in Washington are on board with the crushing of Keystone Pipeline. Until Republicans regain one or both congressional majorities, passing GOP-led legislation is going to be tough.

Many unions and blue-collar workers, on the other hand, would be thrilled to see their pipeline jobs return. It’s also worth noting that many of the union workers adversely impacted by Biden’s oil and gas policies are folks who voted for the 46th president.

What do you think about Sen. Joe Manchin’s remarks on Keystone XL pipeline? Let us know in the comments below.