Los Angeles Mayor Mandates Face Masks for City Residents

"Eric Garcetti" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

“Flattening the curve” and not overwhelming hospitals are the two objectives that were first cited as the purposes of lockdowns in various communities across America. In spite of this, though, Democrat leaders across the nation have become progressively more authoritarian and tyrannical.


There’s no better example of this than the obsession with face masks. Now, face masks, in and of themselves, are not inherently bad. However, when governors and mayors start dictating that Americans *must* wear these masks in order to leave their homes, that’s deeply problematic.

Unfortunately, face mask mandates are also a real issue in Los Angeles, California after yesterday’s announcement from Democrat Mayor Eric Garcetti, notes Breitbart News.

Reviewing Mayor Garcetti’s Announcement to Los Angeles Residents

Yesterday, the Democrat mayor announced that residents in Los Angeles must “always now” wear their face masks when leaving home. Garcetti ironically stated that obligatory mask-wearing will “help us get more freedoms” and safely re-engage the city’s economy. This comes after Los Angeles County just extended its lockdown for 12 more weeks.

Compulsory masks and government lockdowns are the antitheses of “freedoms,” but Mayor Garcetti either doesn’t understand that or just doesn’t care. Like the governor of his state, the Los Angeles Mayor has also publically claimed that the city will “never be completely open” without a cure or vaccination.

Citing refusal to reopen without a coronavirus vaccine has become the new play from the Democrat handbook. Leftists are sadly fighting tooth-and-nail from keeping this country from reopening.

The one silver lining in Democrat governors and mayors citing their refusal to fully re-engage the economy is the proof that these lockdowns were never truly about flattening some curve or not overwhelming hospitals.

What do you thnk about the Los Angeles Mayor’s face mask decree? Do you believe this mandate will face any legal challenges in the weeks to come? Don’t hold back in the comments section below!