Maine Gov. Janet Mills Under Fire for Unconstitutional Infringements

"Maine State Governor’s Mansion" (CC BY-NC 2.0) by J. Stephen Conn

Reports of lawsuits against governors due to their stay-at-home orders are becoming increasingly common.

In the month of May alone, countless Americans have taken governors to court over Executive Orders that violate constitutional rights. What elected officials must remember is that rights and freedoms in the United States do not end where a virus begins.


One of the latest elected officials to come under legal fire is Maine Governor Janet Mills (D).  According to Breitbart News, GOP Maine lawmakers are urging U.S. Attorney General William Barr to probe Gov. Mills’ multiple directives pertaining to COVID-19.

What to Know Regarding Pushback Against Gov. Mills

Republican legislators in Maine assert that Gov. Mills not only surpassed her legal authority, but has also infringed upon the state and national Constitution.

In a letter to A.G. Barr, the Democrat governor was slammed for infringing upon rights to assemble, ordering quarantine for travelers who enter Maine, deeming businesses as non-essential, blocking necessary medical procedures, and more. Republican lawmakers rightfully declared the aforementioned measures as lacking “authority or justifiable cause.”

The Maine governor is not the first person in her position to enact unconstitutional and draconian restrictions under the guise of public health. Like other governors, though, Mills is also not exempt from having her directives struck down by a higher authority. If coronavirus has exposed one thing, it’s the greed and personal power trips of certain elected officials.

Ultimately, Maine Republicans seek to “restore constitutional government” in the state. GOP lawmakers maintain that if Gov. Mills continues on her current path, her orders will claim more lives than COVID-19 itself.

What do you think about the orders and conduct of the Maine governor? Do you believe that Attorney General Barr will hear the concerns of Republicans in the state? Let us know in the comments section below!