Manchin and Sinema Attract GOP Donors to Stop Biden’s Agenda


Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, the two centrist Democrat senators, continue raking in GOP donors’ support as they stop Biden’s radical agenda in the Senate. The two senators are the only roadblocks in the passing of Democrats’ social spending bill, which the House passed on Friday.

Undermining the social spending bill is the top reason for Manchin attracting GOP donors

This year, both Manchin and Sinema joined GOP donors for fundraisers in an $18 million mansion in Dallas. While the donors are supporting Sinema in her fight against the rising income taxes, they backed Manchin for bringing down the volume of the social spending legislation from its original value of $3.5 trillion.

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Collecting big money from the political donors of the other party is not a new phenomenon in the United States. Liz Cheney, a Republican congresswoman, recently received a handful of money from Democrat donors, due to her posture against former President Donald Trump. 

Despite the fact Manchin already brought down the scope of the social spending package single-handedly, he is still considered Republicans’ only hope to further stall the bill.

Even though the House passed the bill, there are still some prevailing concerns in Democrats that Manchin will not vote for the legislation. The West Virginia senator denounced his support for the current text of the legislation, which will ultimately bring the revised bill back to the House.

Multiple Republican donors are contributing to Manchin and Sinema’s campaigns 

Kenneth G. Langone, a billionaire donor of the GOP, admired Manchin’s “guts and courage” and pledged to contribute to his funds in big numbers. Langone told the New York Times he wanted to donate money to candidates who can stand by their principles, even when it means to defy their own party.

Nelson Peltz, a Republican mega-donor who gave money to the Manchin campaign, did not contribute to Sinema’s campaign yet. However, he is scheduled to meet with Sinema in the coming weeks, an event that can win Sinema another Republican donor.


An additional Republican donor, Stanley S. Hubbard, wrote a check to Kyrsten Sinema in September, while promising to do the same for Manchin as well. Praising both of the senators, the donor said the Democrat Party is in need of more of these sorts of people.

Likewise, both of these moderate Democrats got donations from pharmaceutical and finance industries. This came because they opposed the Medicare and tax hike measures included in the original text of the social spending bill.

Kyrsten Sinema’s spokesman, John LaBombard, disagreed with the perception the money has anything to do with orchestrating the policy-making process. He said Sinema does the things that are best for the people of Arizona.

Manchin is against funding any climate change project. This is no surprise, considering he has millions of dollars invested in coal stocks. Not only this, but Manchin warns the passage of the social spending bill will add to the US deficit, which will ultimately bring the economy to its knees.