Martial Law Not Happening Despite 2020 Election Disputes

The 2020 White House race continues to engender conversations, controversies, and differences of opinion. President Trump’s attorneys maintain that they will proceed with their fight despite courts at every level tossing and dismissing their cases.

Many conservatives are not happy with the prospect of Biden being officially sworn into office as the next president. Polling has already shown that most right-wingers and Trump supporters believe that Biden is illegitimate and ultimately cheated in the election.

“President Trump at the Army-Navy Footbal” (Public Domain) by The White House

Witness accounts and sworn affidavits have supported the aforementioned outlooks; however, the Trump legal team has yet to deliver in the courts.

In light of all that is happening, there has been some talk about President Trump possibly declaring martial law as a means of redoing the 2020 election. However, as Breitbart News confirms, Trump himself publicly declared that martial law is not going to occur.

What to Know About Talks of Martial Law

Under martial law, civil rights, the U.S. Constitution, civil liberties, and habeas corpus are suspended; in essence, an America under martial law would become nothing less than a police state.

Nevertheless, calls have surfaced for President Trump to enact martial law for a 2020 election do-over. The recently-pardoned General Mike Flynn is one person to openly advocate for this; however, President Trump stated early Sunday morning that rumors of him invoking martial law are “fake news.”

This message arrived via Twitter and after certain reports indicating that Trump was considering the aforementioned move. While certain members of Trump’s base are in favor of him enacting martial law, others are not.

Some Trump supporters have taken to social media to warn about the immensely slippery slope of suspending constitutional rights, habeas corpus, etc., even for the sake of an election do-over.

Free and Fair Elections in America

While President Trump will not be invoking martial law, he is continuing to fight for free and fair elections in America.

Right now, certain congressional Republicans are indicating that they will challenge the Electoral College’s votes for Biden, come January 6, 2021. This day is moreover expected to draw massive protests in Washington D.C.

As most Americans already know, the nation’s capital has already been home to several MAGA Million Marches and other pro-Trump demonstrations, since November 3.

Do you agree with President Trump’s decision not to invoke martial law to re-do the 2020 presidential election? What are your thoughts on martial law and all that it entails? Let us know in the comments section below!