Massachusetts Gov. Urges Guest Room Housing for Illegal Aliens

In a bid to tackle the rising homelessness problem, Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey has proposed a “host family strategy.”

This initiative encourages residents to offer shelter to individuals experiencing homelessness, including those who are not US citizens.

Allston’s Family Welcome Center Launches “Host Home Program” for Undocumented Immigrants

The Family Welcome Center in Allston is responsible for the recruitment, vetting, and training of host families, and pairing them with those in need.

This strategy had previously been implemented by Resettlement Agencies and other volunteer organizations supporting new arrivals.

Details about how many individuals have been placed in homes or the specifics of the vetting process for both hosts and those being housed have not been revealed. The Family Welcome Center started operating in late June.

It’s important to note that housing undocumented immigrants is not illegal under US law.

Kelly Turley, the associate director of the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless, believes the addition of host homes is due to the urgent and unmet needs of the homeless population, including new migrant arrivals.

According to Turley, the host home strategy could be effective quickly if enough hosts come forward.

Governor Baker Blames Federal Government for Strained Housing and Shelter Systems

However, Turley emphasized that long-term shelter and permanent housing solutions would better meet the stability, safety, and service needs of newly arrived immigrants.

Former Governor Charlie Baker, last November, claimed the federal government’s failure to halt the influx of migrants would cost Massachusetts $139 million.

Baker expressed that the state’s emergency shelter system, while serving thousands of families each year, was strained, due to an increase in new migrant arrivals and a stressed housing market.

This situation led to a need for greater capacity across the system.

Baker placed the blame for the increase in migrants on what he perceived as the federal government’s failure to effectively manage the country’s immigration issues.

He believed this inability contributed to the challenges Massachusetts faced, such as the strain on the state’s housing and shelter systems.