Mayorkas is Frustrated with His “Tough Visit” to the US Border

Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas expressed frustration about his recent visit to the southern border, which ended in the protests of the on-duty Border Patrol officials.

Reportedly, there is rising resentment among Border Patrol officials that the Biden administration’s policies are not working to control illegal immigration.

DHS secretary showed frustration over Border Patrol officials’ behavior

In his interview last week with the US Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz, Mayorkas recalled his tense visit to the US border. He noted it was a “tough trip,” as he confronted the workforce with low morale. 

Likewise, he suggested it is his responsibility to address the staffing crisis at the border, adding he met with the border chief to discuss the ongoing border challenges.

Mayorkas counted a number of tense incidents that happened during his visit. One such incident shocked the secretary when a border agent turned his back on him.

Similarly, another Border Patrol agent grilled the border chief, saying officials were unable to perform their duties, due to the flawed policies of the Biden administration.

One of the agents even claimed the border was better controlled under the Trump administration.

In his interview, Mayorkas appreciated border officials were transparent about the situation while expressing their views. However, he mentioned some acted “unprofessionally,” which took him by surprise, as he has never seen such a thing in his entire career.

Mayorkas also noted everything which border agents mentioned demands a lot of work, and the administration is trying to do that.

Border Patrol Chief Ortiz also faced the angered workforce during Mayorkas’s visit to the border.

In a video of that trip that went viral, Ortiz was heard saying border officials must not give up just because they are unable to get their desired outcome, adding that the workforce was looking frustrated.

This triggered a border agent who yelled that Ortiz keeps on releasing criminals who enter the United States into the mainland country.

Border chief also recalled bitter memories of confronting patrolling officers

The timing of confrontation was critical for both the border chief and the secretary, as the border crisis has entered its second year, and the workforce is facing the lowest ever morale in recent memory.

Ortiz was frustrated with how the media handled the matter on the video of his dialogue with border officials. In the interview with Mayorkas, Ortiz seemed annoyed by the agents’ behavior and some of the media coverage that followed.

He claimed he was disappointed, due to the behavior of some officials who ultimately made headlines.

However, in his bid of self-praising, Ortiz also suggested many border officials appreciated him, saying he did an excellent job by meeting with staff members on the job.