McConnell Unleashes on Trump Following Senate Acquittal

"Federal Judicial Milestones Event at the" (Public Domain) by The Trump White House Archived

Yesterday, the United States Senate voted to acquit Donald Trump of the impeachment article charging incitement of insurrection. The acquittal was heavily anticipated even before the Senate trial began; yet, Democrats in Congress insisted upon having the trial anyway.

Following news of the 45th president’s second acquittal, leftists had various meltdowns on social media. 57 senators, all 50 Democrats and seven Republicans, voted to convict Trump; meanwhile, the remaining 43 GOP senators voted for Trump’s acquittal, hence blocking the necessary 67 votes for a conviction.

“Federal Judicial Milestones Event at the” (Public Domain) by The Trump White House Archived

Following the outcome of the Senate trial, leaders from both parties delivered remarks before Congress. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell voted for the 45th president’s acquittal, yet ultimately tore into him on the congressional floor, confirms Breitbart News.

Leader McConnell on Trump Post-Trial

While on the Senate floor yesterday, McConnell spoke at length against Trump.

The Senate Minority Leader censured the 45th president’s conduct before and during the infamous insurrection on January 6. Per McConnell, Trump’s assertions about “shadowy forces” stealing the election engendered “reckless” conduct that the nation witnessed last month. The Minority Leader of the Senate then professed that Trump bears “practical” and “moral” accountability for the riots against Capitol Hill.

Like others who shared remarks, McConnell explained that Trump failed to “act swiftly” upon learning that his supporters were laying siege to the Capitol. Despite these strong remarks against the president, McConnell declared that the Senate lacks the constitutional power to convict former officials and private citizens.

Reactions to McConnell’s Senate Floor Speech

The Senate Minority Leader’s remarks are not being well-received by either political side. Republicans aren’t happy with McConnell for his harsh condemnation of Trump; Democrats, on the other hand, aren’t impressed with the Senate Minority Leader’s condemnation following after his vote for acquittal.

Trump, his family, aides, and supporters are celebrating yesterday’s vote for acquittal. Senate Republicans updated their social media accounts on Saturday, declaring that the impeachment trial was a huge waste of time. Democrats, on the other hand, are still sulking and licking their wounds over the failure to get a Trump conviction.

What do you think about Sen. Mitch McConnell’s rebuke of Donald Trump, despite voting for his acquittal? Do you believe the Senate Minority Leader is attempting to play both sides of the fence? Let us know where you stand on the trial’s results in the comments section below.