Megyn Kelly Shakes Up Social Norms and Sparks Uproar from the Left

Jill Biden attended the highly-anticipated NFC Championship game between the Eagles and 49ers with a distinguished guest.

Accompanying her in the stands was none other than Roger Goodell, the commissioner of the National Football League.

Jill Biden Received an Unwelcoming Greeting

After spending most of the past weekend at Camp David, President Biden made a surprise visit to his home in Wilmington on Sunday afternoon.

The unexpected stop sparked speculation as to why the POTUS returned so quickly and only intended an overnight stay before heading back to Washington D.C.

Despite being heavily booed during her last appearance, she returned to the same venue – a move that may explain why Joe Biden took a pass. It appears he was wary of receiving an unwelcome greeting from his detractors.

“After decades of neglect for those with advanced degrees, the media is now required to capitalize on titles such as ‘Dr.’ when referring to important public figures like Jill Biden.”

“This shift marks a major change in attitude from generations past and could inspire others across professions to pursue higher education.”

Journalist Megyn Kelly’s words sparked a fervent response from those on the left, causing an uproar among her detractors.

Kelly recently voiced strong criticism towards First Lady Dr. Jill Biden, questioning her insistence on the title and suggesting she should gain a real medical qualification or focus on self-esteem instead.

These comments were prominently made during live coverage of this weekend’s Eagles-49ers game where announcers spotted Mrs. Biden in attendance, stirring up quite an online debate.

“Dr.” Only Granted to Medical and Dental Practitioners

Evidence suggests the Ed.D. may come with elevated academic credentials, but sometimes, people choose to omit the title of “doctor” when referring to themselves outside of academia; it can be perceived as boastful and overly pretentious.

This is thought to be what Kelly was suggesting in her comments on Tuesday night’s call.

In the past, being addressed as a ‘Dr.’ was usually only granted to medical and dental practitioners. This policy is changing though; people with doctorates in fields such as education are now increasingly eligible for this prestigious title.

The Los Angeles Times sparked a heated debate in 2009 when they opted to not refer to Jill Biden by her title, ‘Dr.’

Bill Walsh of the Washington Post weighed in on this, saying bluntly that those who cannot heal should not be considered doctors. He believes healing is an essential aspect of a doctor’s work.

Joe Biden’s comments shed light on why his wife, Jill, is so adamant about people referring to her as “Dr. Jill” – it all comes down to not feeling inferior.

In an interview with The Times, Jill Biden revealed that due to mail addressed solely in her husband’s name (Sen. and Mrs.), she felt second-class.

This was the driving force behind wanting a Doctorate degree of her own, proving once again how strong women can be when faced with adversity and inequity.