Mental Health: The New Endemic in America

The poor mental health of the masses in America is creating various of problems. Included among them are, gun violence, homelessness, and the trauma which children may face after living with distressed parents.

Mentally Ill Parents Becoming Violent Against Their Children

At times, parents can even physically harm and kill their children amid poor mental health. The New York Post narrated a story of a mother, Shemene Cato, who murdered her nine-year-old daughter using an electric cord and some other gadgets.

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Once the police investigated the matter, it was found the mother used to yell at her children quite often.

The infected girl had bite marks on her back and cuts on her head when the police found her in the house on Sunday.

Some neighbors even saw the mom shoving the kid. Police visited the house 14 times to deal with the domestic violence issue. 

Other siblings of the murdered girl did not contact the Administration for Children’s Service, nor did the mother receive any mental health treatment.

No one even considered that children were in danger while in the vicinity of a mentally disturbed woman.

As per the federal data, 13% of children removed from their houses and introduced to foster care had caretakers who were unable to cope with different circumstances.

Similarly, caretakers were involved in alcohol or drug abuse in 41% of such cases.

This drug abuse, as per experts, is related to mental health illness in one form or another. In 5% of the cases, parents completely abandon their children.

To tackle the mental health crisis of the parents, health authorities have provided many different therapies to them, including psychotropic medications.

However, many children are still exposed to the deteriorating mental health of their parents, which is making them suffer at an alarming pace.

Homeless Centers Filled With Mentally Disturbed Parents

This mental health problem is taking a significant toll on both the lives of children and parents.

According to the New York Post, many parents are unable to land jobs, due to their diminishing mental health.

Consequently, they are unable to pay for their children and homes, which is making them homeless en masse.

Thus, most of the homeless centers are occupied by parents who are suffering from mental health, which is not allowing them to get a job.

In this regard, the far left pushes for the de-institutionalized treatment of mental health patients. According to them, putting these patients in institutionalized criminal facilities is not an option.

Even when mental health patients commit violent crimes, this school of thought believes these people should be “understood,” not be treated criminally or medicated.

Reportedly, mental health criminal regimes can only be addressed by the incorporation of mental health cells within institutionalized treatment facilities.

Otherwise, experts believe the complete de-institutionalism of mental health patients could expose other people to unprecedented risks.