Michigan Protesters Demand End to Whitmer’s Lockdown, Descend Upon State Capitol

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer continues facing legal suits and rising social unrest from her state’s residents. Despite ire from countless Michiganders, Whitmer maintains that barring residents from traveling between homes, working, and otherwise making a living is justified.

The Michigan governor also regularly claims that her state is one of the “hardest hit” by COVID-19; however, when you break down the number of positive coronavirus cases and compare it to the total Michigan population, the number doesn’t even reach 1%.

Yesterday, Michiganders once again showed and vocalized their anger towards Whitmer’s extended stay home order. Breitbart News reports that protesters, some of them armed, barged into the State Capitol building and demanded an end to Whitmer’s tyrannical lockdown.

The Showdown at the Michigan State Capitol

Yesterday, Michiganders displeased with their governor’s shutdown made their voices heard at the State Capitol. Several protesters forced their way into the building, some carrying firearms, as permitted by the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. While many of the Michigan protesters sought to enter the House Chambers, state police officers wearing face masks blocked them from doing so.

A grassroots, non-profit organization known as Michigan United for Liberty put together yesterday’s American Patriot Rally. This organization is not only suing Whitmer for her stay home order, but Michigan United for Liberty also confirmed that they will challenge the governor in the Supreme Court.

On Michigan United for Liberty’s Facebook page, they declared that coronavirus does not permit inalienable liberties and rights to be “restricted or rescinded.” The group is furthermore active across the board with accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

MAGA Mayday

The fight to reopen Michigan — and America, for that matter — is far from over. Today marks MAGA Mayday, a day where protesters across the nation will head to their State Capitol at noon to push for a return of the economy.

Michigan United for Liberty also maintains that yesterday’s protest at the State Capitol was not the end. As Whitmer issues orders blocking Michiganders from working and making a living, many of the state’s residents are suffering. The days and weeks ahead will be very interesting as increasing numbers of individuals say “no more” to government overreach in the form of lockdowns.

What do you make of the events which transpired in Michigan yesterday? Moreover, what else do you think lies ahead? Let us know in the comments section below!