Michigan Shutdown Continues, Per Democrat Governor’s Orders

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Shutdowns continue to dominate livelihoods and businesses in blue states across the nation.

The latest wave of lockdowns in America is facing new levels of pushback. Recent polling has also shown that fewer people are less likely to comply with shutdowns now than they were in the spring of this year.

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Furthermore, many Americans are noting that communities which heavily relied upon shutdowns in 2020 are still dealing with increases in COVID-19 cases.

Nevertheless, Michigan is one of several states facing lockdowns. Yesterday, Gretchen Whitmer, Michigan’s controversial Democrat governor, announced an extension of the statewide lockdown; this extension is set to last until December 20, per Breitbart News.

What to Know About Michigan’s Extended Shutdown

On Monday, Governor Whitmer announced that her state will continue to “pause” on group classes, in-person learning sessions, indoor dining, and other similar activities.

This new shutdown extension until December 20 arrives as various Michigan legislature officials are seeking to impeach Whitmer; nonetheless, the Michigan governor has persisted with using the state’s health department to pass her edicts.

Per the Democrat governor, Michiganders are facing calls to abstain from indoor gatherings and continue wearing masks. Whitmer also announced yesterday that “an additional 12 days” will determine the extent to which the Thanksgiving holiday had on the spread of COVID-19.

In keeping with the Michigan governor’s past talking points about lockdowns, she also declared that such measures are designed to shield frontline workers.

The Pattern of Lockdown Extensions in Michigan

Whitmer, since the inception of coronavirus, has repeatedly extended shutdowns in her state. She regularly used Michigan’s 1945 emergency powers law until the state legislature deemed it as unconstitutional. Since then, Whitmer has turned the Michigan Health and Human Services Department into a funnel to issue her edicts.

Just as Michiganders rallied and signed petitions to pull Whitmer’s access to the state’s emergency powers law, concerned citizens also have complaints about ongoing lockdown extensions.

As the Michigan governor keeps the state shut down, businesses are suffering; some have closed permanently now. Meanwhile, livelihoods, mental health, etc., are also taking serious hits. On social media, some Michigan residents complained about the lockdown extension yesterday, calling for mass noncompliance and resistance.

What do you think about the additional extension of Michigan’s lockdown? Do you believe Governor Whitmer will issue another shutdown expansion after December 20? Let us know what you think about this situation in the comments section below!