Migrant Numbers Under Texas Bridge: “Out of Control”

The number of migrants apprehended in Texas has doubled to over 8,000 people in one day. Sources are saying that the situation is becoming “exceedingly out of control” and the Border Patrol agents are seriously overwhelmed.

The number of migrants recorded has doubled to over 8,000 per day

Drone footage released by Fox News showed a huge swarm of migrants under the bridge in Del Rio, Texas as they wait to be arrested by Border Patrol. According to reports, on Wednesday, the number of migrants recorded was over 4,000. However, by Thursday morning, that number doubled and spiked to around 8,200. 

On the other hand, law enforcement agents noted the large majority of the migrants seen in Texas are from Haiti and more people are arriving at the international bridge every minute. 

The drone footage revealed is the latest picture of the continuous chaos at the border; meanwhile, the Biden administration is struggling to manage the relentless and continued surge of migrants.

The huge spike in numbers had overwhelmed Border Patrol and other government authorities. This scenario led Republicans to claim the immigration policies of the Biden administration are the cause of the surge. 

The number of migrants recorded this year breached the 200,000 mark twice

On Wednesday, Customs and Border Protection announced that 208,887 migrant apprehensions were recorded in the month of August alone. Although this number is slightly lower than the one recorded in July (at 212,000), it is the second month where the number of migrant encounters surpassed the 200,000 mark.  

Out of this number, only 19% of more than 86,000 family units ended in the Title 42 expulsion; merely 44% were expatriated under Title 42 public health protections. 

The 208,887 migrants apprehended in August is a 317% increase, compared to the number recorded in August 2020 which was only 50,014. It is a 233% increase, as opposed to the 62,707 apprehensions in August 2019. 

Meanwhile, as the administration struggles to control the situation, Biden and his officials were quick to put the blame on the Trump administration. They claimed the former president sealed off legal ways to asylum while getting rid of strategies that allegedly strongly focused on addressing the “root causes” of the migration. 

The Biden administration started to transport expelled migrants under Title 42 to Mexico, amid concerns they are making multiple tries to cross the U.S. border. On the other hand, Republicans are blaming Biden for getting rid of Trump-era policies that prevented the surge of migrants at the border.

Included among these policies were the Migrant Protection Protocols and the construction of border walls. The footage released was also quickly referred to by Republicans as proof of the failed immigration strategies imposed by the Biden administration. 

Republican Representative Yvette Herrell posted a tweet saying that the border crisis under the Biden administration proceeds to be out of control.