Minneapolis Moving to “Dismantle” City Police Department

"Minneapolis Police" (CC BY 2.0) by Tony Webster

Since the death of George Floyd, Minneapolis, Minnesota has been turned upside down.

Looters and rioters ravaged the city, setting fire to buildings and essentially destroying their own community. Participants in this behavior and their backers have attempted to claim that such illegal acts are about George Floyd, but more people are waking up to the con.


Burning down cities isn’t about honoring Floyd; it’s about anarchy and individuals who hate police officers. Now, after more than one week of violent riots and arsonist displays, Minneapolis city officials have made a shocking announcement.

On Thursday night, Americans learned that Minneapolis is moving to completely dismantle their own city police department, confirms Breitbart News.

The End of the Minneapolis Police Department?

Later today, the Minneapolis city council will vote on whether or not to make significant changes to the police department.

Jeremiah Ellison, a leading city council member, publically professed via Twitter that Minneapolis will “dismantle” the police department and usher in alternative approaches to emergency response and public safety.

This news arrives as Black Lives Matter and other left-wing groups up the ante with anti-police rhetoric. Minneapolis is also not the only city in America to take action against its own local police. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced earlier this week that the Los Angeles Police Department will see a reduction in funding.

In the event of changes to the Minneapolis Police Department, both the city council and a judge will have to approve.


Ultimately, only time will tell what comes from the city council’s vote later today. Nevertheless, this all marks a new chapter in the left’s demonization of and crusade against the law enforcement community.

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