Moment of Shame: Jen Psaki Caught Lying to Americans

White House press secretary Jen Psaki was caught red-handed, lying about the current oil and gas infrastructure of the country. Energy experts busted her claims, accusing her of “red herring” Americans.

Jen Psaki Caught Lying

On Monday, Fox News asked Jen Psaki why the government is hesitant to resume new oil and gas leases on federal lands.

Responding to this, Psaki stated America is currently producing oil “at record numbers” and almost “9,000 approved drilling permits” are still unused.

Thus, the secretary asserted anyone willing to know more about American oil production should ask oil and gas companies why they are reluctant to use already existing permits for oil drilling.

Listening to these claims of Psaki, energy experts believe she is trying to misguide the American people. Top industry representatives at the CERAWeek energy conference pointed out things are not as simple as what is being portrayed by Psaki.

Anne Bradbury, the CEO of American Exploration & Production Council (AXPC), told Fox Business this is an outright “red herring.”

These sorts of claims are helping the White House in diverting people’s attention from the very fact the administration paused the much-needed leases on public lands, which the oil sector needs desperately, Bradbury continued.

While clarifying the situation of already existing leases, Bradbury noted these lands have to be explored for a long time before they can be used for oil production.

Another industry expert, the CEO of American Petroleum Institute (API) Mike Sommers, said Psaki’s comments are ignorant since these lands have to go through a long process in order to be functional for oil production.

Sommers noted firstly, companies have to see whether there is enough oil or gas present beneath that land; this is followed by the process of getting the permit for the development of the land.

White House tries to eyewash Americans with misinformation

The CEO of Energy Workforce and Technology Council, Leslie Beyer, also busted Psaki’s claims.

According to her, not every permit given by the federal government is profitable enough for companies, so that’s why some of them remain unused.

Furthermore, Beyer stated the prevailing uncertainty, due to the poor policies of the Biden administration, regarding the oil and gas future is keeping investors in the dark. 

She claimed the industrial sector is in desperate need of getting rid of the persisting anti-fossil fuel narrative of the government.

Almost all Republicans, alongside some Democrats, are pushing Biden to increase US domestic oil production, especially at the time of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

As Europe is mostly dependent on Russian oil, the troubling country is using its leverage to get the upper hand in the conflict.

This, lawmakers believe, can be averted if America gets its own energy, which can pave the way for Europeans to get rid of Russian oil and gas imports.