More Americans Become NRA Members as Democrats Push for Gun Control

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Gun control is not a popular policy. No matter what Democrats try to sell to the American people, most folks are not on board with having their Second Amendment rights stripped away. Nonetheless, gun control restrictions continue to maintain as measures that the Democrat Party pushes for. 

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President Biden and his Democrat sycophants in Congress are doing all they can to strip Americans of their Second Amendment rights. The White House has furthermore admitted that Biden is reviewing whether or not he can use executive orders to implement nationwide gun control restrictions. 

As a result of Biden and his allies pushing for gun control, more and more Americans are joining the National Rifle Association (NRA) as new members, Breitbart News confirms. 

A Growing Number of NRA Members

Yesterday, Andrew Arulanandam of the NRA sat down for a conversation with Breitbart News.

During talks, Arulanandam revealed that since January 2021, 1,000 new individuals have signed up online for NRA memberships. When Breitbart asked Arulanandam about what he thinks is driving the new surge of signups, the NRA official explained that the leftist push for gun control is the undoubtable culprit. 

Arulanandam then expanded on this point. He noted that the American people are able to recognize the threat that President Biden and leftist-controlled Congress pose to gun owners and Second Amendment rights. 

The NRA is one of the longest standing civil rights organizations in America. Furthermore, the NRA remains determined to fight for Second Amendment rights, no matter how much Democrats seek to erode these rights. 

A Rise in Gun Ownership Across America

NRA memberships aren’t the only things to surge in the wake of the current president and Congress. Since January 2021, more Americans have also begun purchasing guns; it is also getting more challenging to find ammunition, seeing as it’s flying off the shelves of gun stores as quickly as it comes in. 

Days ago, a Rasmussen Reports poll came out; the poll’s findings determined that 51% of American voters don’t think heavier gun control restrictions could have stopped the shootings in Boulder, Colorado and Atlanta, Georgia this month. Democrats, of course, are using these shootings to call for more gun control measures. 

What do you think about more and more Americans joining the NRA as Biden and Democrat lawmakers declare war on the Second Amendment? Be sure to share your perspectives with us in the comments section below.