Most Americans Believe Political Tolerance Has Declined

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At this time in America, it is an indisputable fact that partisan and political tensions remain at significantly high levels. Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals, often find themselves at odds with one another; this has only increased in the wake of recent political occurrences.

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Right now, America has a president who speaks of unity, yet does little to actually emulate it. Biden’s rhetoric regarding bipartisanship fails to align with his policies meant to satisfy the far-left of the Democrat Party.

Most Americans are very much aware of the existing political climate. According to Breitbart News, more than seven out of ten Americans believe that tolerance for different political views has declined.

Political Tolerance in the United States

A recent survey from Rasmussen Reports is very telling regarding the current climate in politics.

77% of individuals professed in the survey that Americans are less tolerant now of different political views than they were previously. Meanwhile, 3% are uncertain and 10% believe that tolerance for contrasting political opinions remains roughly the same. Only 11% of surveyed persons believe that Americans are “more tolerant” of different political views than they were before.

Many Americans also believe that the most recent presidential election had a negative impact on their interpersonal relationships. 37% of Democrats stated that the 2020 presidential election ultimately had an adverse bearing on a relationship with a relative or friend; 41% of Republicans also said the same.

Can the Biden Administration Heal America?

When Joe Biden became the president, he talked about healing the nation and ending the “uncivil war” that pits people against one another, based upon their politics.

Thus far, there seems to be virtually no indication that the Biden administration has the ability to unify a divided country. With one executive action after the other, the 46th president is showing that governing his way, regardless of objections, is what he’s going to do.

Many Americans don’t even believe that Biden is a legitimate president. Republicans and Democrats also see the world, events, and even basic facts in very different manners; this too is a factor in the decline of tolerance for varying political views. For many Americans, differences in politics extend beyond mere differences of opinions.

What do you think about the latest findings from the Rasmussen Reports survey? Do you think tolerance for different political views has dropped? Let us know in the comments section down below.