National Rifle Association Relocating to Texas

The National Rifle Association (NRA) is popular and beloved by many conservatives in America. The right of the people to keep and bear arms is clearly stated in the U.S. Constitution; moreover, the NRA takes seriously this right and has consistently worked to defend it.

“NRA Annual Meeting” (Public Domain) by The White House

For the reasons listed above, the NRA has turned into a target for the left. Earlier this month, Joe Biden declared that he will work as president to “defeat” the NRA; Biden’s term in the White House shall commence in precisely four days and he’s never once positioned himself as an ally to the Second Amendment.

On Friday, the NRA announced its decision to depart from New York and set up shop in Texas, Breitbart News explains.

The Transformation of the National Rifle Association

Wayne LaPierre, the CEO and EVP of the NRA, described the organization’s move to Texas as a “transformational moment.” Per the NRA, the group is in a better financial position than they’ve been in previous years; therefore, the decision to dump New York and relocate to the Lone Star State comes at an opportune time.

The decision to depart from the Empire State is practical and strategic too. Not very long ago, New York’s attorney general vowed to dismantle the NRA altogether. With the gun-rights group leaving liberal New York for gun-loving, red Texas, the attorney general in question won’t have the chance to carry out her promise.

On a consistent basis, the NRA has aligned itself with not only gun rights and legal gun owners, but also law enforcement, public safety, and law and order.

A Warm Welcome from Texas

In keeping with Texas’ conservatism and love for the Second Amendment, the NRA will be more than in good company following the completion of its move.

Yesterday, Greg Abbott, a Republican and the governor of Texas, responded to news about the NRA’s decision to reincorporate. Governor Abbott declared that with Texas being a state which fiercely protects the Second Amendment, the National Rifle Association is very much welcome.

In a statement, the NRA lauded the Lone Star State as a community that safeguards “constitutional freedoms” and values NRA contributions.

What do you think about the NRA’s decision to reincorporate in Texas? Do you believe this move will make Biden’s promise to “defeat” the National Rifle Association more challenging? Let us know in the comments section below.