NC’s Gaston County Reopens, Ignoring Gov. Cooper’s Stay Home Order

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Pushback against Democrat governors who continue extending shutdowns is here and it’s very real. From protests to lawsuits and more, Americans are tired of being ordered to stay home while losing everything. Despite the deluded fantasies of the socialist left, simply having government dole out money and stimulus checks until the end of time is not a sustainable plan.


This explains why Gaston County of North Carolina reopened yesterday, as confirmed by Breitbart News. The reopening comes notwithstanding Gov. Roy Cooper’s orders for the state to remain on lockdown until May 8. Cooper’s extension of the stay-at-home Executive Order comes in spite of North Carolina meeting the phase one guidelines to re-engage the state’s economy.

A Closer Look at Gaston County’s Decision to Reopen

Gaston County officially reopened for business yesterday at 5:00 PM. Unlike Gov. Cooper, officials of the North Carolina county have enough sense to understand that endlessly shuttering businesses is a worse situation than coronavirus itself.

Tracy Philbeck, a commission chairman of Gaston County, explained that the return of the county’s economy is “health-minded.” Philbeck additionally noted that a one-size-fits-all solution is not appropriate. Shortly thereafter, he cited precautionary measures to prevent health issues; these precautionary measures entail sanitation, good hygiene, and social distancing.

In Gaston County’s announcement about reopening, they noted that vulnerable individuals should remain at home. The order also states that anyone who doesn’t wish to reopen their business is not obligated to do so. As of yesterday, Gaston County gave gyms, restaurants, movie theaters, churches, and sporting areas the green light to resume operations. Thus far, schools, bars, and activities for young people in Gaston County remain shuttered.

An Example to Other Democrat Governors

If Democrat governors continue extending stay home orders, they will likely see more cases where counties gradually begin to reopen on their own. Endless and indefinite shutdowns are not viable solutions to COVID-19; this is especially true in states like North Carolina that meet the guidelines to begin reopening, yet are plagued with governors that simply refuse to lift restrictions.

What do you think about Gaston County’s decision to reopen without the state governor’s approval? Do you believe other counties in blue states will begin to follow suit if lockdown orders are not lifted? Let us know in the comments section below!