Nearly Seven in 10 Parents Concerned About School Closures Hurting Children’s Education

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As schools remain closed, kids are struggling. The past year has shown everyone that remote learning is not a good way for children to get an education. Children need real world interactions with their peers; this is something that staring into a laptop or iPad simply cannot provide. 

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There’s no denying the political agenda behind keeping schools closed, in spite of the harm. As a matter of fact, teachers’ unions, groups that are infamous for financially backing left-wing Democrats, are some of the main forces pushing for schools to remain closed; Democrats, who don’t want to offend their donors, are all too OK with putting these special interest groups above the education of children. 

According to Breitbart News, 69% of parents in America have concerned about school closues negatively impacting the education of their children. 

Where Parents Stand on School Closures

The University of Chicago’s Harris School of Public Policy along with the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research found some very telling details in a poll.

Per this poll’s findings, 69% of American parents have concerns that keeping schools closed, at the very least, will “somewhat” harm their children’s education. Meanwhile, 42% of parents stated themselves as either “extremely” or “very” worried. 

The numbers are also interesting when assessing parents’ concerns about new COVID-19 cases stemming from school reopenings. Polling hence shows that 64% are moderately concerned that new coronavirus cases could emerge from in-person learning; however, only 33% of parents claimed themselves to be “extremely” or “very” worried about school reopenings causing new cases. 

Getting Past the Politics

Because reopening schools has turned into a political issue, there are still many Democrats against it. Of course, these Democrats have all kinds of excuses for why schools can’t or shouldn’t reopen now; however, Republicans are continuing to remind the left that science says otherwise. 

Within the past several weeks, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed that schools can safely resume in-person learning. Furthermore, the CDC has also amended the social distancing guidelines from six feet to three feet. This is more than feasible for schools to get reopened and go back to teaching children in person. 

What do you think about the concerns parents have regarding the ongoing closures of schools in America? Do you believe it’s time to get past the politics and get children back into classrooms? Let us know in the comments section below.