Nebraska Governor: Biden is “Pretty Ignorant” of What is Happening

Nebraska Republican Governor Pete Ricketts is an outspoken opponent of Biden’s plan to mandate vaccines on businesses with over 100 employees. Ricketts stated that the president is “pretty ignorant” of how other parts of the U.S. are handling the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Nebraska governor criticized Biden for failing to attend meetings with U.S. governors, calling Biden out of touch with what is happening in the country

The governor of Nebraska criticized the Biden administration for its lack of communication with other states. Ricketts noted that since Biden took office, the president hasn’t engaged in any weekly phone calls that the White House conducts with governors of the United States. 

The Nebraska governor noted that the data should be reviewed by Biden; Ricketts also said maybe Biden should attend at least one of the weekly calls that the administration conducts with all the U.S. governors. 

Ricketts then emphasized that since Biden has been president, he hasn’t attended a single meeting yet. The Nebraska governor also suggested that maybe Biden should speak to some of the U.S. governors and check what is happening in their states because it seems as if the president is “pretty ignorant” of what is occurring in states like Nebraska. 

The governor then noted that Nebraska stands as the third lowest in the nation when it comes to the COVID-19 mortality rate. Ricketts also remarked that the capacity of hospitals is under control. Also, when it comes to Nebraskan residents ages 10 to 19, they are 26 times more prone to die in a car accident than COVID-19. 

Nebraska governor: personal healthcare should be a personal choice, not something the government forces upon people

Biden recently implemented a mandate, requiring all federal employees and contractors to get the COVID vaccine. They were not given the option to do the weekly testing. 

On top of this, Biden likewise demands a private business that has over 100 employees to require their workers to either get the COVID vaccine or be tested every week if they object to having the vaccine for health or religious reasons. 

The Nebraska governor noted that he wants his people to get vaccinated; however, the Biden administration should not be forcing the people to do it. Rickets stated, first of all, they are encouraging the public to get the COVID vaccine.

Nebraska was likewise giving information out to people and encouraging them to talk to their neighbors since the COVID vaccine works and will keep people safe.

However, personal healthcare should be a personal choice. It should not be a mandate that the federal government imposes upon people. Likewise, the public should not be put in a situation on whether they want to keep their job or get the vaccine. It is wrong, Ricketts emphasized.